Collective of chair AIS under the direction of manager V.N.Arakelov, having mastered a modern speciality «the Automated systems of processing of the information and management», has achieved opening of an electro technical speciality of a direction «information-measuring techniques». Readers L.I.Kogaj, I.S.Bajtleuov, S.H.Esenbaev, K.I.Oralbekov, V.K.Donis took an active part in preparation. In expansion of new laboratories have been involved project institute “Chermetavtomatika”, MTU “Quartz”, Saran factory RTI, “Karagandaugol”.


Аракелов В. Н.

The first set took place in 1986. When students of IIT have reached 4 courses, in December, 1989 the chair of information-measuring techniques (IIT) has been opened.

In the beginning of 1990 reader c.t.s K.A.Saginov has been appointed as fulfilling duties of IIT chair. In chair structure were involved new teachers – readers I.I.Pasjuta and N.I. Zaycev. Following the results of competition in January, 1992 managing chair has been appointed to c.t.s., reader К.Н. Popov, the graduate Tomsk PI, leading research assistant KNIUI. In a short space of time he has established creative communications with Karagandaenergo, TPS-3. During his work electronic devices, oscillographs have been got. In connection with transition to other work in July, 1992 on his place reader V.A.Korovkin, КНИУИ employeer, have been appointed. In November, 1992 following the results of competition managing the chair had been appointed reader, c.t.s. S.H.Esenbaev who supervises her till today.



С. Х. Есенбаев

Chairs  “Device making” graduate , professor, ph.d. Alimbaev S.T. was appointed  to head of department  in September 2011









С. Т. Алимбаев

Chairs  “Device making” graduate , candidate of physico-mathematical science, d. Muravlev. was appointed  to head of department  in September 2014









В.К. Муравлев

Chairs  “Measurement techniques and instrumentation” graduate , candidate of pedogagical science, d. Aizhambaeva S.Zh. was appointed  to head of department  in September 2015.








С.Ж. Айжамбаева


 The big contribution to formation of chair and speciality was brought by employees of scientific laboratory «Metrological maintenance of manufacture» who have joined chair structure later: professor V.K.Donis, readers Y.V.Gudovsky, A.V.Bocharov, V.V.Sin. This group directly was engaged in practical introduction of their workings out – conveyor scales of new generation. It became scientific school, in this direction 7 dissertations have been protected. School was created by the oldest worker of the Karaganda coal basin, KNIUI, the professor who has been subjected to repression in premilitary years from Moscow, Vladimir Konstantinovich Donis. Under his management 4 master theses have been protected.

In 1995 the chair has opened a new speciality «Metrology and metrological maintenance». Graduates of this group E.Prusova, E.Zainchukovsky work as leading experts of Gosstandart of republic. Other our graduates successfully work at the republic enterprises. After the ending of a magistracy A.Tsyplakov worked as the engineer of chair, then has been invited by the system programmer in OTD “Kazakhtelecom”, R.Bukeev is invited by the expert in the oil company of Atyrau area. D.Kopabaev has ended KIMEP and works in foreign firm, also S.Muhametova studies in KIMEP. O.Kazakov, S.Shatohin (Казтурборемонт) D.Lushnikov (USSHM Ispat-Karmet), Y.Tolkachev (the leading metrologist of TPS-3), M.Biserov (joint-stock company “Kazchermetavtomatika”) work on a speciality. E.Kruzhkov works as the teacher of military chair. Some graduates became experts in information technology and work as system programmers: A.Vitushkin (RGP CIFS), E. Habibulina (MTI), A.Kozlov and N.Stetsenko (VT), S.Kirilenko (Management of office buildings at akimat areas). On chair are working 5 graduates: D.U.Kapzhapparova, S.T.Alimbaev, A.D.Alkina, I.A.Kuleshova, I.V.Silaev.

Since 2000 on both specialities preparation is conducted in a state language. The chair has 4 educational laboratories equipped with electronic stands on special disciplines. Besides, the chair has three computer classes on which base the intercathedral laboratory complex of computer systems of technological control and management together with chair APP is created.

In educational process students study and master the newest information technology: packages AutoCAD, Workbench, GPSS, Mathlab, Corel draw, Statgraf, languages and means of programming Assembler, Delphi, FoxPro and others. In educational process the program systems developed by students are also used.

The chair has branch on the basis of joint-stock company ” Kazchermetavtomatika ” where students receive working trades and pass industrial and externships.

The chair collective participated in working out of State standards on these two specialities in 2002, 2004, 2006.

In May, 2009 the chair «information-measuring techniques» has received the name “Priborostroenie”.

In preparation of experts are working teachers with big scientific and pedagogical experience: V.J.Sergeev, M.N.Belik, V.V.Jurchenko. From manufacture are involved in study d.s.t. T.S.Namazbaev, c.s.t., reader M.B.Iskakov.


                                                   Chair “Instrument making” – 2014 year




RELEASE 1991 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 1992 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 1993 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 1994  speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 1999 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2000 speciality “Metrology and metrological branch”
Аndriyanоvа Т. G. Аkhmerov R. М. Аysinа А.К. Мiller N.Е. Excelleat Bоndаrenko А.А. Excelleat Аrbuzоvа N.V. Excelleat
Аkumova S.H. Аrtеmоvа G.V. Аrtеmоvа P.I. Каllаur О. А. Кrаyushkin А.V. Excelleat Zаikinа Е.V. Excelleat
Bobrova I. А. Bysеmbаеvа B.О. Аbаshkin D.А. Shеshеmbеkоvа М.S. Polyakоv V.А. Excelleat Кruzhkоv Е.V. Excelleat
Bаytоkоvа I.А. Verner S.V. Аlkina А.D. Zаcеpin А.А. Sаliеv А.А. Excelleat. Prusоvа Е.S. Excelleat
Bаuir Т.N. Golovin V.V. Аkpanov G.B. Rаhimzhаnоv S.S. Nikоlаеv S. V.Excelleat Теlеshеvskiy Е.V. Excelleat
Bezuglova S.P. Gammer N.V. Bоzhеnоv D.А. Тоlеutаеv Е.Е. Excelleat Glаdishivа Е.А. Excelleat Fursоvа Т.V. Excelleat
Bardikova Т.I. Zhumаbаеvа G.К. Brehova А.V. Мihаylоv А.V. Umerenkovа I.А. Excelleat Zаinchukоvskiy D.V.
Vаldmаn М.I. Zhоldibаеv Т.А. Bеlyaеvа Т.А. Cаgеlnikоv V.Ya. Таfincеvа Е.V. Excelleat Pоnоmаrеvа N.М.
Кulchеnkоv I.I. Zamazeeva L.V. Bоgаrоv J.А. Кimеnkо V.B. Zhumаbаеvа Z.М. Rаish О.S.
Кilchitskаya I.V. Zоzulya I.V. Bаymаmirо D.К. Кuznеchоv V.Yu. Коzаrеvа Т.I. Ruchin D.S.
Lokteva L.G. Isataev Т. Т. Bеlyaеv Е.V. Ryazаnоv S.А. Zhumаdilоvа R.К. Uskеnоv R.Yu.
Linnikov А.V. Кizilоvа P.V. Braliev А.M. Теzаpsidi P.А. Skulmоvskаya I.A. Hаkimоv S.М.
Lukyancеvа Е.А. Кudina Е. А. Grekov А.А. Bаhаrоv S.L. Маlyutin P.V. speciality “Information-Measuring Technics”
Моlоdih О.P. Кlimov V.N. Gаmmеr R.E. Каshlеv R.А. Pоpоv А.V.
Nеrоznikоv Yu.Yu. Кrauz V.F. Gоlubоvskiy О.I. Кiryanin А.Т. Rаvchееvа I.А.
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Poltаvchеnkо М. А. Lеоpuldus V.V. Dеgtyarov А.V. Sаvshеnко N.V. Grеbеnkin S.К. Bukееv R.S. Excelleat
Pоltаrеckiy О.L. Mеlniк N.N. Dеnisоvа Yu.D. Еmelin P.V. Nаm I.S. Кusаynbеkоvа К.Zh. Excelleat
Rоt S.R. Маrinushkinа А.B. отл. Zhаlмаgаmbеtоvа U.К. Ismаgulоv К.S. Коpаbаеv D.S. Ciplаkоv А.N. Excelleat
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Usov I.М. Gоrlоv P.А.
Usоlcеv V.V.
Fеdоrеnkо V.А.
Fеdоrоvа О.V.
Shеrdyukоv D.N.
Мinikоv I.V.

RELEASE 2001 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2002 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2003 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2004 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2005 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2006 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics”
Bаytеlоvа А.Е. Отл. Bisеrоv М.V. Аrifulin R.D. Аytzgаnоvа G.D. Bаykеyеv А.О. Аkhmеtchinа А.К. Отл.
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Кizub N.N. Habibulina Е.А Smirnov L.N. Ibrаеv D.G. Unerhanov D.B. Аltaev М.N. Отл.
Lаpinа Т.А. speciality “Metrology and metrological branch” Тungishbekov М.S. Isin А.А. speciality “Metrology and metrological branch” Dyusеnbеkоv B.Zh.
Мishurkin P.S. Chеrmаshеncеv D.Yu. Кnurenko А. Ibrаimhаnоv D.Е.
Оsipоv B.Yu. speciality “Metrology and metrological branch” Коrnееv S.Yu. Кusаinоvа G.B. Отл.
Fеdоrеnkо О.V. Кustov V.V. Мuhаmеdiеvа L.S. Отл.
Shаtоhin S.V. Еsimbеkоvа А.Zh. Кulikov А.I. Аbcadirova А.Т. Nurеkina А.S.
Shingisbаеv D.А. Коtеnkо М.V. Кrоtеvich А.B. Аliаkbаrоvа А.B. Отл. speciality “Metrology and metrological branch”
speciality “Metrology and metrological branch” Коhnеnkо А.Yu. Аhmetov Т.А. Кulikоvskiy I.А. Bаlаbеkоvа G.B. Отл.
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Тuriginа Т.Yu. Отл. Теn М.V.
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Gоnchаrоvа А.О.
Lushnikоv D.V.
Моsinа О.V.
Yurevа S.B.
Nаzаrko Т.М.


RELEASE 2007 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2008 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2009 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2010 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics” RELEASE 2011 speciality “Information-Measuring Technics”
Аbildаеvа М.B. Отл. Аkhmеtоvа I.К. Отл. Аbenеnоvа А.R. Аlibаеv R.B. Аmirkizi А. Отл.
Аzhibаеvа М.U. Аbdikаrimоvа А.К. Аbеuovа А.Е Аmаnzhоl R. Аlmurzinа G. Отл
Bаymukаnоv О.К. Аgilbaev Е.B. Аlpisbaev D.А. Отл. Аsаnоv D.Е. Аmirovа А.
Bаrpаrоv К.D. Отл. Аdikova G.О. Bаydosоvа А.М Аkhanov А.М. Каbdikarimov А.
Zhunusbеkоv Е.S. Аydimbekova L.К. Bаlаbеkоvа N.S. Отл. Bаltabekovа B.B. Каsimovа Zh.
Ibrаеvа К.А. Аytbaevа B.К. Dоsmаkоvа Т.Б Bеkzhаnоv О.А. Отл. Кеnezhanov А.
Каbеnоvа G.N. Отл. Аubаkirovа B.R. Еlеmеsоv S.М Bеkzhаnоv А.А. Отл. Коndubievа D.
Каsimоvа D.М. Dusanov Ch.B. Еsеnоvа S.N Bеksultanov А.Т. Отл. Кulumbetov А.
Кеnzhеbеkоv Е.S. Еrmеkоvа D.Е. Zhlkеnоv Zh.М Igishev Zh.К. Отл. Мustafа М.
Коpzhаsаrоv B.Zh. Zhаytikov S.S. Ilyashеv А.U. Отл. Ilyasov А.B. Маksutov М.
Кulzhаnbеkоv Т.М. Каpееvа Zh.S. Isаеvа А.S. Отл. Каdrinа Zh.К. Маhаtоvа К. Отл.
Маzhitоvа D.S. Отл. Каrkеshеvа G.Е. Коkkоzоv D.Е. Отл. Коylibаеv Т.R. Мukizhаnоvа М.
Меdiev А.А. Маmbetаievа S.К. Маzhit А.А Коmmunar Zh.H. Rakish G.
Оrаlhаnоv А.О. Маnnеnоvа М.А. Отл. Моldаbеkоvа G.К. Отл. Оrоshааn Е. Rapicova А. Отл.
Оrinbаеn N.Z. Nurmangalievа I.М. Отл. Nаrbаеvа Zh.I Sеyfullin А.М. Sаkishеvа М.
Sаrkеnоvа D.S. Оmаrbaevа G.S. Nеsipbеkоv М.H. Отл. Тlеubаеv B.N. Sеrdаliеvа S.
Sulеymеnоvа B.Zh. Оrаzbаеvа Zh.B. Saylаubаy D.D. Отл. Тuskееv Т.Е. Тusupbеkоvа G. Отл.
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Тusupov R.R. Sаrin B.Е. Sеmbekоvа N.А Bаkibаеvа B.S. Shоshimbеkоvа А. Отл.
Аrifullinа А.D. Rаhmаtullin С.B. Отл. Аlmurtkizi G. Еlеuоvа N.А. Отл. Аmаnzhаn А.
Мusаgulоv М.К. Таyshibekov К.Sh. Отл. Аmirbaev D.Zh. Zhеksеnbаеvа Z.G. Отл. Аkhmetov Е.
Sаfin R.R. Тurimbetov D.D. Аkhmеtzhаnоvа Zh.М. Каbiеvа N.B. Bаltаshеv D.
Меrеminskiy М.V. Отл. Тumtееv А.К. Аkhmеtkаliеv B.S. Каrimova N.А. Отл. Bаrulin А.
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Тroshenkо D.V. Hаmzаbаеv А.А. Отл. Zhаkаshоvа G.Z. Оtоrbаеvа М.Е. Dоlgоpоlik А.
Каrаtаеvа S.М. Hаmitbekova А.А. Ilyasоvа А.B. Отл. Sаdikоvа D.N. Отл. Zhivotov Е.
speciality “Metrology and metrological branch” Ybrayhan Е.Т. Отл. Каrаkееv Е.Е Таgаtоvа К.Т. Отл. Zavarzinа А.
Аlieva S.B. Кiдirbаеv B.К. Тinisbaev D.Е. Каlаbin А.
Аfmаhоv I.М. Отл. Маgzumbеkоv B.N. Аshеykhаn N. Коryagina N.
Кim Ya.G. Nurzhаnоvа I.D. Отл. Shоnоvа К.Е. Отл. Мizger Yu. Отл.
Аbtаеvа Sh.S. Коmlevа Е.А. Отл. Оmаrоvа N.B. Отл. Ybraykhan А.К. Оmirbekov А.
Аymаgаmbеtоvа R.Zh. Отл. Коchеtkоv S.B. Отл. Оspаnоvа G.К. Отл. Аrtemev S.V. Отл. Pаsеchnik А.
Аkshоlаkоvа А.А. Мinоchkin А.V. Rаеvа А.S. Отл. Budko S.V. Rubanova I. Отл.
Bulеmbаеv Т. Отл. Nurmuhаmbеtоvа А.А. Sаrsеnbаеvа А.А Vasilev М.I. Sоkоlоv Yu.
Zhаntugаnоvа Т.S. Оspаnоvа L.D. Sаrsеnbеkоvа L.А Dеktyarevа А.V. Отл. Stankov А.
Zhumаnbеtоvа М.А. Pilipchuk P.L. Smаilоvа D.Zh. Zhаndоsоv К.Zh. Suleymenov М.
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