Department of «Automation of manufacturing processes»


  • Creation of the department of automation of manufacturing processes
  • Appointment V.J Tikhonov, the position of Deputy Chair.


  • Appointment of V.F. Vigandta to head the department.


  • Appointment of V.F. Byrki to head the department.
  • Awarding of V.F. Byrki Red Banner of Labor for his services by the introduction of automation in the coal industry


  • The first issue of the specialty “Electrification and Automation of Mining”


  • Appointment of Head of Department of V.F. Byrki Rector on Academic Affairs KarPTU.
  • Create at the Department of the Dissertation Council for PhD theses.


  • Creation of APP at the Department of the department “Industrial Electronics”
  • Create a computer hall student at the Department based MIR-1.


  • Create at the Department of APP and the EIT department ICT.


  • Protection of V.F.Byrky doctoral dissertation.


  • Awarding of V.F. Byrki Red Banner of Labor for his merits in the development of high education.
  • Appointment of V.F. Byrki head designer of automated Bill of Kazakhstan.


  • Opening of specialty “Electric drive and automation of industrial installations and technological complexes (EA).”
  • Create at the Department of APP and AIS ICT department.


  • Appointment of N.F. Tomilin, to head the department.


  • Assignment I.V. Breydo as head of the department.


  • Opening of the second degree of specialization of EA.


  • Protection I.V.Breydo doctoral dissertation.


  • Opening reception for an abbreviated form for graduates of technical colleges in the specialty of EA.


  • Assignment of the department of Professor V.F. Byrki.
  • Opening reception in the magistracy.


  • Establishment of graduates Association EA.
  • Opening of the third degree of specialization EA


  • The beginning date in the official language specialty EA.


  • Protection of B.N. Feshin doctoral dissertation.
  • Opening of specialty “Automation of technological processes and production” (ATP)
  • Appointment of B.N. Feshin deanship at EMP.
  • Opening reception for the EA profession for students in high education.
  • Develop jointly with the State standard for АИЭС specialty EA – 330840.


  • Transfer of the department specialty “Mechatronics and Robotics”.
  • Opening reception for specialty ATP reduction and distance learning
  • Publication of the first bulletin of the Association ГА – EA “The Turn of the Century”
  • Creation of the first stage of inter-chair the laboratory computer systems of technologicalcontrol and management.
  • Develop jointly with the State standard АИЭС graduate towards 33.00 – Electrician and electrical equipment


  • Creation of joint training centers.
  • Develop model programs for a number of specialties.
  • Department took third place in the university.


  • Group EA-99-2 took first place at the university.
  • Develop, with АИЭС KazNGU and national standards for undergraduate and magistrate specialties for “Power” and “Automation and Control”


  • Head of Department Breydo I.V. awarded the title of best teacher of the university.


  • The development of international relations, the Department participated in the project “Synergy” is developing a consortium of universities.
  • Create a lab “of modern technical means of automation” (CTA) at the department.


  • Opening a doctoral degree PhD in “Power.”


  • In conjunction with MEI began training twodiplomed education.


  • In April of 2010 Breydo I.V. participated in the third week of education – members of SCO in Moscow.
  • Specialty 5V070200 “Automation and Management” was successfully internationally accredited by an external expert committee formed by the Association of Engineering Education of Russia (RAEE).
  • The department and the Association of APP published a book of memories of prof. V.F. Byrki.

Achievements of faculty, department staff in the 2010-2011 academic year

    • The department took 2nd place in the competition for the title of the best department KSTU, and Breydo I.V. was named teacher of the year.
    • Em GA received a letter of thanks of the Karaganda region organization of veterans of the war in Afghanistan in February 2010., a thank letter enterprise “Ugleservis” UD JSC “Mittal Steel Temirtau”, May 2010.
    • Breydo I.V, Kaverin V.V, Andreev E.V, Kalinin A.A, Lisitsyn, D.V, Em, G.A received a thank letter enterprise “Ugleservis” UD JSC “Mittal Steel Temirtau”, June 2010. for holding in the company “Ugleservis” presentation department APP.
    • The paper “Industrial Karaganda” published several articles about the department: