History of the department

Department of «Сhemistry and chemical technology»



Obukhov Yu., professor                    Fedorchenko V., Associate Professor                        Oralova A., Associate Professor
(1995-1997,2004-2009)                                            (1997-2000)                                                    (2000-2004)



Kokzhalova B., Аssociate Рrofessor                 Ibraev M., Professor                                   Kabieva S., Associate Professor
(2009-2011)                                                              (2011-2013)                                                      (2013-2017)


With special attention to the issues of environmental education, including engineering personnel, as well as taking into account the increasing need for qualified environmental engineers capable of solving problems of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources in production and various spheres of life, in 1995 it was decided to create the Department of Industrial Ecology and Chemistry. The structure of the department included the General Education Department of Chemistry, which until 1995 was an independent subdivision of the Department.

Since 2008, the department has received a new development in the field of chemical technology of organic substances, environmental and industrial biotechnology, mineral processing. In 2017, the department was renamed the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies.

In different years, the department was headed by: Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences Obukhov Yu.D., associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences Fedorchenko V.I., associate Professor, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Oralova A.T. and others, who made a great contribution to the formation and development of the educational and methodological and scientific base of the department. From 2017 to the present, the department is headed by a graduate of the department, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Takibaeva A.T.

Discussion of environmental problems of Central Kazakhstan.

In the photo: Professor Obukhov Yu.D., associate professor Tsoi N.K., a student of the specialty “Applied ecology (by industry)” Makaeva N.A. (1998)

Opening of the scientific and educational complex “Bioengineering”.

In the photo: Compliance officer G.S. Zhetesova, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Head. laboratory “Chemistry of steroids” JSC “MNPH Phytochemistry” Tuleuov B.I. (2018)

Head of the department Takibayeva A.T., senior lecturer Aliyeva M.R. discuss methods of obtaining and optimal conditions for the synthesis of triterpenoid derivatives in the conditions of classical synthesis, microwave and ultrasonic activation, 2022 Researcher of the Research Institute “New Materials” Demets O.V., employee of the laboratory of TSU Lyapunova M.V., senior lecturer Aliyeva M.R. discuss with Professor of TSU Bakibaev A.A. the method of obtaining biopolymer films based on betulin with antiseptic properties, 2022
Student Amangeldinov A.A. OP “Mineral enrichment” launches a planetary fine grinding mill to conduct research on the contractual topic “Improving the efficiency of selective flotation of sulfide zinc ore at a processing plant” (2020) The research group visited the workshop of selective flotation of lead-zinc ores of the processing plant of Nova Zinc LLP. In the photo: senior lecturer Kinayatov M.A., a student of the OP “Mineral enrichment”

Zhakyp N. (2021)

Under the guidance of Associate Professor Derbush S.N., teacher Zhaksybaeva M.E., assistant Mizanbekova A.N., lactic acid bacteria are examined under the Altami microscope in the NOC “Bioengineering” (2022) Performing research on the topic “Determination of microorganisms in drinking water” in a laminar box by students of the OP “Biotechnology” Yushkina S., Toleuhazina A. with senior teacher Mukarkhan K., assistant Mizanbekova A.N. (2022)
Students of the OP “Mineral Enrichment” took part in the student regional Olympiad “Humanist Engineer” in the NAO “D. Serikbayev EKTU” and became winners in the nomination “Zharkyn aser” (Ust-Kamenogorsk).

In the photo: senior teacher Kayyrbaeva M.Zh., students Audanbaev A.E., Daulenbayeva S.A., Kenzhin Zh.Zh. (2021)

Professor Kulakov I.V. (Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia) conducts master classes

at the Research Institute “New Materials” on methods of betulin extraction for students

OP “Chemical technology of organic substances” (2021)



Possescension filiala kafedrы, mood on terriori too “Absalut ecology”.

On photo: director too “Absalut ecology” Borisenko A.V. Mr. IBM.K., Alyssa M.R. and Joraback A.Ah. (2021.)

Winners of the 10th competition of the scholarship program of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation.

 In the photo: D. Korobov, D. Temirbay (2021)