Head’s CV

Likhachev Vladimir Viktorovich, the Head of Department, c.t.s (2010). Lihachev graduated from the Karaganda State Technical University in 1989 by speciality « Electrification and и automation of mountain works».
Likhachev acted to internal postgraduate study to KSTU in 1989. In June, 1991 he was given an employment as a assistant of “Mountain electromecanics” department in KSTU.

In September, 1992 Likhachev was transferred to «Electrosupply» department as a senior teacher. Since 2000 till February, he carried out duties of the assistant to the dean of faculty. Since February, 2010 till September, 2010 he did the honors director of KSTU’s technical liceum. From September, 2010 till June, 2011 Lihachev did the honors director of Institute of telecommunication, power and automatics. Since June, 2011 Lihachev is a head of “Computer science” department.

In September 2010, Likhachev defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences. Since 1994, Likhachev actively participates  in economic-contractual works by «Bogatyr Akses Komir Ltd.» Inspection, adjustment and improvement of the operating modes of stationary equipment drainage pits as executor. Likhachev engaged in scientific activities actively.

Likhachev participates in international and national conferences with presentations on innovative developments in the field of Mining Mechanics and Energy. According to the research, he has published over 30 scientific papers, he obtained two innovative patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During his career at the University, Likhachev proved himself a competent, proactive and professional executive who able to combine teaching work with education students. He prepared and given lectures by next disciplines: «Информатика», «Переходные процессы в электроэнергетике», «Конструкции и механический расчет ЛЭП», «Надежность оборудования».

List of scientific papers