Head’s CV

Talerchik Marina Petrovna

Head of the Department “Geology and geophysics”

Talerchik Marina Petrovna graduated from the Karagandy state technical university with degree “Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration” in 2002. In 2003 she graduated from magistracy at KSTU with degree “Applied geology and exploration”. She has been working as an assistant and teacher at KSTU from 2003 of the chair of “Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration”, in 2007 was elected a senior teacher. She was an aspirant of that chair.

In 2010 she defended her thesis on the topic: “Development of methods for predictive mineral resources on the basis of geophysical data”. This thesis was presented for the degree of candidate of technical sciences in specialty “Mining, Oil and gas geology, geophysics and geometry of bowels”.

Talerchik Marina Petrovna at a high professional level gives lectures on subjects of Baccalaureate and magistracy: “Petrophysics”, ”Petrophysics oil reservoir”, ”Interpretation of geophysical research”, “Geophysical testing of solid minerals”, “special course of Geophysical Research ore and coal wells”, “Special Course Petroleum Geophysics”. She often practices active learning methods using the information technology, also she manages diploma and course design.

Talerchik – author of more than 30 scientific works, which were published in various scientific journals and national and international conferences, she has two innovative patents.

To improve the educational process she developed electronic textbooks, educational methodical complexes for reading disciplines.

Her scientific and teaching experience is more than 10 years. She has been working at KSTU for all these years. She has been appointing head of the chair “Geology and geophysics”.

Scientific works