Head of the department

Department of «Automation of manufacturing processes»

Head of the department

Head of the department of automation of manufacturing processes


Yugay Vyacheslav Viktorovich

  • Date of birth: 01/25/1982
  • Academic degree, academic title: Doctor PhD
  • Position: Head of the Department of ФЗЗ
  • Pedstazh at the university: more than 10 years
  • Education: specialty, qualification, year of graduation: electrical engineer (2004), electric power industry (2007)

Advanced training in the field of pedagogy over the past 5 years (year, topic, PC place + copy of certificate):

  1. “How to find journals with impact factor”
  2. “Innovative educational programs for group design and creative training and the development of educational and laboratory equipment. Improvement of FOCL systems” (72 hours).
  3. “Analysis of the mechanization of tunneling operations, mine drainage, diagnostics of the state of technological machines, mine lifting and ventilation installations”
  4. “Modern approaches to the organization of educational work in a technical university for the 2012-2013 academic year”
  5. “Innovations and ways to improve telecommunication systems” (36 hours)
  6. “Design, construction and technical operation of a fiber-optic communication line”
  7. “Kazakhstan mobile baylanys narygynda akparattyk ozat tekhnologiyalar” (36 hours)
  8. “Introduction to GSM”
  9. “Portfolio of X NET Company”, “Switchboards. Routers. Fundamentals of building a network” “Cisco Service Contracts”, “Comparative review of HP, Cisco, IBM, Fuji servers”, “Data storage systems. SAN networks”, “Microsoft software”, “APS uninterruptible power supplies”, “Video surveillance solutions” (72 hours)

phone: 8 (7212) 56-75-94 additional 2060

e-mail: slawa_v@mail.ru