Head of the department

Head of the department


Фото_Томилова   Tomilova Nadezhda in 1978 graduated from Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radio Engineering        specialty “Automation and mechanization of the processing and delivery of information.” In 1978, in the direction of a young professional who graduated from high school vnerespublikansky, hired in Karaganda State Technical University. Since 1978, NI Tomilova working as a junior researcher, senior researcher, software engineer Department. APT, a senior lecturer at the Department of ICT, senior lecturer at the Department the Type the KSTU. In 2010, NI Tomilova defended her thesis on the topic: “Development of information decision support system for the commissioning and long-term activities in the heat supply systems megacities.”

Tomilova NI has 40 published works and educational development, 11 national significance, certified 15 DAE in the disciplines of special chairs, “Software Engineering“, “Algorithmic languages​​”, “Programming Technology“, “Design of Information Systems“, “Computer Systems Design” , Object-oriented Programming in C ++“, “Fundamentals of mathematical and computer modeling of natural and physical processes“, “data structures and programming processes.”

More than 35 years Tomilova NI actively engaged in research work and is the executor of research projects in the following fields: “Simulation of thermal-hydraulic steady modes of large heat supply systems“, “Research and development of hierarchical information-management technologies to optimize the operation of heat supply systems megacities“, “Development of a system of information protection in distributed networks on the basis of deterministic chaos, Hydrodynamic heaters liquid media.”

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Address: Karaganda, 56 Mira blvd, Main Building, Room 300 liters.

Telephone service: 8 (7212) 56-75-98, ext. In 2054.

E-mail: tomilova@kstu.kz