Head of Research Institute “New materials”


Zhunussova Maira Abylovna

18 July 1977

Acting Director of Research Institute “New materials”.

2006-2010, she graduated from E.A. Buketov KSU majoring in “Chemical technology of inorganic substances”.

2010-2012, she got master’s degree at Karaganda State Industrial University, majoring in Chemical technology of organic substances”

2015 –PhD program at KSMU majoring in “Technology of pharmaceutical production”

Career: Started as assistant at “Phytochemistry” JSC SPC, then as a junior researcher at the laboratory of chemistry of alkaloids” “Phytochemistry” MNP JSC,

since 2012 – 2016 worked as the teacher of Karaganda State Medical University, Department pf Pharmaceutical Sciences with chemistry courses.

Junior research fellow – Master of Engineering Gazaliyev Tair Zhanatovich

Engineer – Master of Science Malibekova Assem Abilbekovna

Engineer – Rakhimzhanova Zarema Azylbekovna