“The Great Patriotic War by XXI century youth”

On 4 May 2017, the VII Republican student scientific – practical conference “The Great Patriotic War by youth of XXI century” dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory will be held at KSTU.

We will always remember the feats of our fathers and grandfathers, keep this great tradition to honor their heroism and courage! Therefore, not only appreciate the great Victory, remember and to promote its patriotic beginning – it is the duty of today’s generation, our future – the student youth!

The conference will be attended by the veterans of GPW Ponomareva S.G., passed throughout the war at the headquarters of Marshal of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukova, Bilyk L.N., home front worker, who experienced the horrors of occupation in the Ukraine as a girl, veterans Sheludyakov V.A., K. Masharipov, the chairmen of Karaganda regional branch of the “Organization of veterans RK” Toregozhin O.T., Veterans Council of Karaganda Zeineshev T.E. and others.

Special interest was aroused among students of the 3rd session of the conference “Great Patriotic War in the history of my family”. They look forward to it to then to show proceedings to their family with pride, in which they talked about their great-grandparents, grandparents, honorably fulfilled their duty in front of their Motherland.

A concert of a jazz band “Big Band” of K. Baizhanov’s concert association will be given especially in honor of veterans and war workers after the completion of the plenary session.

Please support this initiative of “Polytechnic University” and to take part in the work of this conference with coverage of the event in your media.

Date – 4 May 2017, 10:00., KSTU, main building, assembly hall.