Great French Mathematicians

France has a long and proud history of producing some of the world’s most distinguished mathematicians. French mathematicians expanded human knowledge in many areas of science with their innovative discoveries, and also had a lasting influence on generations of mathematicians and scientists. Their deep ideas, innovative approaches, and unwavering commitment to the advancement of mathematics have earned them a place among the best mathematicians of all time.

Teachers of the Department of Higher Mathematics Associate Professor Mustafina L.M., curator gr. TT-23-2 st. teacher Tuleutaeva Zh.M. and first-year students of groups PSK-23-2, GD-23-4, SGP-23-2 and TT-23-2 held a traditional event on the topic: “Great Mathematicians of the World”, where they met exceptional individuals – mathematicians France.

 The inspiring stories of these famous French mathematicians: François Viète, Pierre de Fermat, Guillaume François Antoine L’Hopital, Jean Leron d’Alembert, Joseph Lagrange, presented in student presentations, testify to their dedication to science, the transformative nature of their ideas and their enduring contributions into the constantly evolving foundations of mathematical knowledge. Their ideas and revolutionary discoveries not only enriched the discipline, but also inspired countless mathematicians and researchers to continue their legacy.

Having analyzed the biographies of creative personalities, we come to the conclusion that the genius of creators is not something unknowable, but is determined by qualities that everyone can cultivate within themselves. These biographies show that the great creators did not have perfect careers, but they all had inquisitive minds and a desire to learn new things. Only by working on the goals of life does a person improve as a person and comprehend the meaning of life.

Their intelligence, creativity, and academic excellence continue to influence modern mathematical thought. From developing groundbreaking theories to revolutionizing the way we approach and understand abstract concepts, these famous French mathematicians truly changed the course of the development of the theoretical foundations of mathematics.