On day of national holiday Head of the state N.A.Nazarbayev visited Karaganda state technical university

On day of national holiday Head of the state N.A.Nazarbayev visited Karaganda state technical university, where he familiarized with achievements of University in the sphere of education, science and innovations and also met with group mates and comrades.

History and modern achievements of “Polytech” are inseparably connected with life and activity of Head of the state, his global initiative and programme aims on issues of social-economical modernization of Kazakhstan.

Staff of University is proud that N.A.Nazarbayev received basics of engineering education from 1962 to 1965.

For implementation assignment of Head of the state there was established Engineering profile laboratory in 2007, which successfully passed international accreditation and implemented scientific researches on enterprises’ order for the amount of more than 520 million tenge.

In October, 2010 by decision of Presidents of Kazakhstan and France with participation of French company “TOTAL” at KSTU was organized SRI “Kazakhstan Welding Institute” for preparation of specialists of international level and transfer of modern technologies of welding in oil-gas field and industry.

One of the unique developments of scientists of KSTU is a Model of patriotic education on the example of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Concept of patriotic education and experience of its successful approbation at KSTU deserved high assessment of Mazhilis of Parliament RK and in 2010 was recommended by MES RK for implementation to 50 leading universities and a number of colleges of Kazakhstan.

For qualitative improvement of practical preparation of specialists in the system of technical education Head of the state stated the object of dual education development, i.e. parallel teaching in educational institution and at enterprise. For solution of this object  there created educational-scientific-production associations “Dual technical education”, “Modernization of construction and HME”, “Metallurgy” and “Dual military education” at KSTU, which provide preparation of future specialists in branches of departments, functioning in membership of 72 enterprises of Corporate University.


Modern integrated educational and scientific-production base of KSTU, enterprises of Corporate University, Technological College, Centre of working professions allow to implement 20 steps in solution of stated global object by Head of the state- social modernization of the country through creation of General Labour Society.

In honour of the national holiday – Day of the First President of the RK – at KSTU were held solemn events: leading scientists read course lectures for students about the role of Head of the state in social-economical modernization of Kazakhstan, with active participation of student there was held master-class of curatorial hour on theme “Initiatives of N.A.Nazarbayev on consolidation of Kazakhstan’s society” and was performed concert at Youth Palace “Zhastar Alemi”.