Gaukhar Zhaksybayevna Seitkasymova

Gaukhar Zhaksybayevna Seitkasymova, acting head of Department of Innovation and R&D Programs of KSTU Science and Innovation Department
1991 – M. Auezov Pedagogical Institute (Shymkent), Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, degree program “Chemistry and Biology”.
1999 – full-time doctoral programme at the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry of Auezov South Kazakhstan State University (Shymkent).
1999 – defense of PhD thesis on “Developing technology for detergent surfactants on the basis of DZhKhS and mirabilite adding polymer K-4”, degree program 02.00.11-Colloid chemistry.
1999-2004-senior lecturer at the department “Physical, Colloid Chemistry and Food Technology” of Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University.
2001-2003 – Academic Secretary of the Dissertation Council 14.10.20 on defending PhD dissertations.
2004-2013 – Head of the Department “Natural Disciplines” of Balkhash Humanitarian Technical University (Balkhash city).
2013-2017 – a leading fellow of the Laboratory of Ecological Hygiene and Toxicology, State Enterprise “National Center for Occupational Health and Diseases” of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan (Karaganda). Responsible executive of 3 government-funded projects (MH RK, MES RK) with a total funding amount of 450 mln. tenge.
Scientific achievements: over 80 scientific works in the RK, CIS countries, including international scientific conferences, 5 guidelines, 3 objects of intellectual property, 1 RK authorship certificate.