To the future without bribes. Together!

The large-scale work on implementation of President’s address to people of Kazakhstan “Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness” is held in the country at present.  One of the key priorities outlined by Head of the State in the Address were institutional reforms, security and the fight against corruption.

In the framework of Address implementation  a mobile anti-corruption group started to function under the slogan “To the future without bribes” in Karaganda region. The membership of the mobile group in addition to the management and staff of the Department includes representatives of the branch of the Department PSC SC “Government for citizens”, the party “Nur Otan” and “Kazakhstan Association of entrepreneurs and service provision”.

29 March 2017, an awareness-raising meeting was held in the framework of the campaign “Future without bribes. Together!” at Karaganda State Technical University with Department staff and members of the mobile anti-corruption group. The purpose of the meeting of anti-corruption mobile teams with students of KSTU is the formation of the level of anticorruption culture and the principle of zero tolerance to all forms of offences that is focused one of the priorities of the Message aimed at institutional reforms, security and the fight against corruption.

Introductory remarks to the students was addressed by the Deputy head of the Department of Civil Service Affairs and Anti-corruption Agency in Karaganda region Medet T.B. who explained that the anti-corruption strategy of Kazakhstan for 2015-2025 forms active civil point of view of Kazakhstan anti-corruption policy.

Chief specialist of the Administration anti-corruption department of the Agency of RK on Civil Service Affairs and Anti-corruption Kargabay M.A. explained that the purpose of the awareness-raising meetings is the formation of an anti-corruption culture.

In this regard, a mobile anti-corruption group “To the future without bribes. Together!” started to function in Karaganda region. As noted by Kargabay M.A. it is necessary to conduct systematic work on increase of legal culture of citizens, large-scale explanatory work among the population to ensure public rejection of corrupt practices, taking into account the age, professional and other features to form anti-corruption culture.The attendees were given a presentation about the Department’s activity and anti-corruption video which clearly illustrated the facts of manifestation of corruption in society and the consequences following for corruption.

During the presentations, the representatives of the Department briefed the students about the basic provisions of the “anti-corruption strategy of Kazakhstan for 2015-2025 years”, and answered questions from the audience.


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