Frequently asked questions on the project “Serpin”

“Serpin-2050” and 20 questions!

  1. Should a member of the “Serpin-2050” to pass the UNT or KTA (integration testing)? Yes, for high schools will participate in these tests. And for colleges will participate in the exams of your chosen institution.
  2. What specialties are in a priority in the project “Serpin”? Technical, Pedagogical and professional specialty.
  3. Young people of which region can participate in the project “Serpin -2050”? Youth from Mangystau, Almaty, Kyzylorda, Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan.
  4. What regions accept grant holders? The recipient regions: Akmola, North Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, East Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Aktobe, Karaganda, West Kazakhstan region.
  5. Will grant holders be  provided  by campus? Yes, grant holders of the project “serpin-2050” is provided by abseites or they will be given an apartment to stay.
  6. Will grantholders receive the scholarship? Yes, but if the performance is low then the granting of the scholarship will cease. Therefore, “Serpins” should learn perfectly.
  7. Is it true that the students are given  clothes? Yes, really. Only for College students are considered  giving clothes for the winter. The amount of funds allocated for the year 62 thousand tenge.
  8. Is it true that after the graduation the students are provided by job? The project considered all of the ways to ensure young professionals work. During the studies is set in close contact with employers. There is the possibility of obtaining a permanent job.
  9. Do I have to stay in the region after training? No, you have’t to stay in the region studied. But the probability of finding work in the region studied is large.
  10. Can those who graduated from College on a project to increase knowledge? Yes, you can enter University after College. But you must participate in integrated testing.
  11. How many Universities and colleges participated in the project? This year 19 universities and 35 colleges participate in the project. This year planned training on 70 specialties.
  12. What is the festival “Alaman”? This event is aimed at identifying and hardening creative, organizational, and leadership skills of the project. Festival “Alaman” is aimed at selecting the leader of the “Serpin”, to familiarize young people with each other.
  13. Is it possible to move from the institution in which trained by the project to another? No. Because the grants are given to certain educational institutions. Changing the place of study you will lose the grant.
  14. Where can I get information about the project “Serpin”? information is available on the website . and about the students enrolled in the project can be found on the website of the . Also on the website are the contact numbers, addresses of the sending and receiving regions.
  15. Do they pay the costs for the road of  students? Yes, the project paid traffic cost of students. Costs for trips home in the summer and winter holidays.
  16. How can I  contact other “serpins”? Students enrolled in the project there are special groups in social networks. Such as, and, .
  17. What they do after training? Of course, they work and don’t lose touch with each other.
  18. What other plans provided by the project “Serpin”? Students enrolled in project  registers as volunteers in the national Fund of social development “Serpin”. Thereby get the opportunity to find work with the stock exchanges open in the Fund.
  19. Can students enrolled in the program to work in the summer? Yes, you can. There is an opportunity to work in labour camps in summer at the Foundation of the “Serpin”.
  20. What are the requirements for “Serpins”? They are required to learn well, and to love the homeland. They should stick to a healthy lifestyle.