The Foreign Languages Department of KTU will hold an online Social-educational event dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repressions and Famine: round table “Tarikhtan taglym – ötkenge tagzym” (“A history lesson – a tribute to the past”)

The event will be hold online in the Microsoft Teams, more than 50 students will take part in it, as well as the teaching staff of the Foreign Languages Department.

The aim of this educational event is to form and strengthen knowledge about political situation in Kazakhstan in the period of 1920-40. Objectives are:

  1. To give an idea of the negative essence of the complex political processes of Soviet power in the 1920-30s. To enable students to deepen their knowledge of the complex political processes, to help them develop their own assessment of the events.
  2. To promote the formation of skills of independent learning activities, work with additional literature and sources.
  3. To foster in students an attitude towards freedom as the highest achievement of the human spirit and modern culture.

Every year since 1997 Kazakhstan celebrates the Day of Remembrance of victims of one of the most tragic pages of the history of Kazakhstan – mass political repressions and the terrible famine of 1931-1933, which caused the death of millions of people. According to historians, during Stalin’s regime more than 100 thousand Kazakhstan people were repressed, of whom almost every fourth was shot. Kazakh intelligentsia was mercilessly and brutally executed, and approximately one third of the population of Kazakhstan perished from starvation.

Since 1997 every year Kazakhstan prople have remembered all the people who were subjected to repression by the authorities in the country and abroad; they have remembered their relatives and friends who never returned from the camps or died of starvation; they have remembered the millions of people who by the will of fate were on Kazakh soil during the deportation. Remembering that terrible time, every resident of Kazakhstan should be aware of the scale of the tragedy and its consequences for the history of our country.

Responsible for the event: head of the department of foreign languages, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Dzhantasova Damira Dulatovna, responsible for the educational work of the department Isina N.T., teachers of the department Tokumbaeva A.A., employees of the DRCU Amirov A.Zh., Kozhanov M.G. , Alpamyshev D.

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