Foreign Languages Department of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University held an educational event within the concept of Nauryznama on 18 March 2024: video-challenge “Day of National Clothing”

Spring has brought the joyful spirit of Nauryz holiday to the walls of our university, adding bright colors of culture and traditions. In honor of this magnificent event, within the concept of Nauryznama, the Department of Foreign Languages organized an event that became a celebration of unity and spiritual renewal.

During the decade of Nauryz our students and teachers took part in a challenge of video clips dedicated to the “Day of National Clothing”. The videos made by students in national dress with elements of national attributes left unforgettable impressions and emphasized the importance of preserving and promoting national identity. 20 groups took part in the video-challenge, having made videos according to the theme. All videos were viewed and evaluated by the jury members:

S.E. Rakhimbayeva – Acting Head of the Center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility;

Zharkevich O.M. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of “Technological equipment, mechanical engineering and standardization”;

D.D. Dzhantasova – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Language;

Emmett Cashman – Fullbright scholarship holder from the USA, English teacher.

A special moment was the awarding of the participants of the Challenge, which took place on March 18. This event was attended by 30 students, jury members and department staff.

On this day we honored each video, awarded special nominations and gave letters of gratitude to all its creators for their creative contribution to the success of the event:

  1. The most creative video – gr.GIK-23-1 ( lect.Nurpeysova D.L.);
  2. The best national costume – gr.IS-23-4 (lect. Pitirimova T.V.). 3;
  3. Artistic expression award – gr. LOG-23-2s, OP-23-2s (lect. Pitirimova T.V.);
  4. The most musical video – gr.IS-23-1s (lect. Issina N.T.);
  5. Best cultural representation – gr.S-23-1s (lect. Magauina G.M.). 6;
  6. Most inspirational message – gr.GD-23-4,5 (lect. Tokumbaeva A.A.).

We express our deep gratitude to everyone who contributed to the organization and conduct of this event.

May the bright holiday Nauryz bring happiness and prosperity to every home!