The Foreign Languages Department of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University held an educational event on 31 October, 2023: Motivational Workshop “Story of Success”

The planned educational event of the Foreign Language Department was held on 31 October, at 10.55. The motivational seminar was attended by more than 50 students and teachers. The purpose of the motivational seminar was to create social and psychological conditions for the students to develop an effective style of success in the field of their activities and the formation of stress resistance.

The objectives are:

– To form the necessary positive motivation and skills of self-analysis and personal growth available to the students;

– To discuss bad habits as an obstacle on the way to success.

Motivational seminar “Success Story” held by the department of “Foreign Languages” gave students the opportunity to learn and practice exercises aimed at the development of team building: teacher of the Foreign Languages Department Tokumbaeva A.A. made a presentation, where she told about the importance of the ability to work in a team to achieve career success, as teamwork is a powerful tool to effectively achieve the goals of the organisation and the implementation of tasks set within it. Students conducted a workshop on developing teamwork skills: a team game “Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge” was held.

The teacher N.A. Svich gave a very informative presentation and practical exercises to develop time management skills. Thanks to this practical exercise students formed their ideas about prioritisation and time management. Teacher Zhaksybaeva A.M. conducted an entertaining interactive on the development of stress management, showed techniques and methods of coping with stress.

Teacher of the Foreign Languages Department Nurpeisova D.L. conducted a brainstorming session aimed at the development of leadership skills and creativity of students. Also, teacher Arabadzhi K.D. familiarised the students with the techniques of conflictology, which helped them to better understand their emotions and feelings during conflict situations.

At the end of the motivational seminar, students made presentations on the success stories of world popular personalities in sports, business and art. The students and teachers held a discussion on how bad habits can be a barrier to success. They looked at various aspects related to Internet addiction and gambling addiction and identified cause-and-effect relationships that can affect the lives and success of young people.

The participants in the discussion noted that gambling can create a habit that leads to financial problems and poor physical and mental health. They also discussed how losing money through gambling can affect financial independence and the ability to invest for the future. This can lead to broken relationships, loss of jobs, legal problems and psychological difficulties.

Psychosocial support and access to resources for those who have experienced problems related to addictions was also an important part of the discussion. Participants expressed an understanding that dealing with these addictions can be challenging and emphasised the importance of supporting and informing young people about the consequences of bad habits.