For the purpose of formation of Institute of self-government, hosted the event “Koshbasshy-Sardar”

September 21,  2015 in the youth Palace “Zhastar Alemi” at 15.00  was held the event “Koshbasshy-Sardar” among students of 1 course of the University, holders of  grants of social project “Mangilik El zhastary — Industriyaga”, with the aim of establishing the Institute of self-government and the establishment of the leadership group “Sardar”.

The turnout of University students consisted of 350 people, that is the full capacity of the youth Palace “Zhastar Alemi”. Students were accompanied by Vice deans on educational work of faculty, s-tov and curators of academic groups.


The purpose of this event was the strengthening of educational work among the holders of grants under the state program “Serpin-2050”.

In accordance with the letter No. 100 from  07.09.2015 the Republican Chairman of the Organizing Board of the social project “Mangilik El zhastary — Industriya” “Serpin — 2050” Abenov M. A. “Kolbasshy-Sardar”, leaders were chosen by the student of  gr. RET-15-2 Kopeisinov  Erlan and student of grouop MV-15-1 Bazarbay Amaral.

The event was organized by the Department of youth policy of the University.