For career guidance

To attract students to Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University, it is customary to travel to organize promotional events. We also followed this tradition this year. Because it is very important that our youth speak the language of technology, and without technical knowledge it is impossible to create a “New Kazakhstan”. Therefore, teachers within the framework of the program “Mangilik el zhastary – industriyaga!” – “Serpin-2050” visited five regions of the republic for the purpose of career guidance. In particular, to the Kyzylorda region – Aubakirov N.M. (KL&LD), Zhambyl region – Kosbarmakov S.Zh. (IT), Turkestan region – Sarsenbekov N.Zh. (SHDD), Zhetysu region – Tussupbekov Zh.A. (SHDD) and Mangystau region – Aitbayev N.B. (NMD). During this trip, our teachers visited district and rural schools, where they told this year’s graduates about the benefits of studying at the university and the “Serpin-2050” program. During the business trip, the teachers met with 720 students from the districts of Kyzylorda region, 573 students from the districts of Turkestan region, 351 students from the districts of Zhambyl region, 818 students from the districts of Zhetysu region, 318 students from the districts of Mangystau region and explained the importance of choosing a profession.


Head of the training center “Serpin-2050”