01.10.2012 in front of the Main building of Karaganda state technical university will a scale flash-mob dedicated to the Day of elderly people and also coming teachers Day.

At 15.00 organizers of flash-mob in the person of activists of trade union of “Zhas Orda” students and undergraduates will gather about 600 students in front of the Main building of KSTU. Besides moving slogan “Congratulations!” addressed to KSTU teachers, there also will be organized action “Day of Book giving”. Action will allow participants of flash-mob to exchange the books, thereby to share knowledge.

The main objective of the action is congratulation teachers on professional holiday. Annually there are different festive events at KSTU.

Main organizers:
Saduakassova Zhansulu

Contact person: Saduakassova Zhansulu 87004326416