«The first Kazakh Professor of Mathematics A.A. Ermekov»

On November 8, 2023, Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov, Head of the Department of Kazakh Language and Culture, Ph D, Associate Professor K.S. Kalybekova and Associate Professor of the Department, Ph D, A.B. Ashirbekova organized a round table on the topic «The first Kazakh Professor of Mathematics A.A. Ermekov».

The purpose of the event is to introduce students to the autobiography, creative heritage, work in the science of «mathematics» of one of the outstanding founders of the Alash-Orda party – Alimkhan Ermekov. Alimkhan Abuovich Ermekov is a public and statesman, one of the founders of the Alash party, a scientist, the first Kazakh professor-mathematician.

Students told in their video works and presentations about the difficult life path, creativity, interesting facts of Alimkhan Abeuovich Ermekov – a great mathematician, professor, teacher, public figure, member of the Alash party.