The final of the contest “Development of a mobile application”

The final of the contest “Development of a mobile application” was held at the center “Zhastar Alemi” of KSTU in April 25, 2019. The final was attended by 26 schoolchildren from different regions of the Karaganda region: the city of Karaganda, the city of Temirtau, the city of Saran, the city of Satpayev, the Ulytau district. Recall that the competition was organized by the Center of vocational guidance of KSTU in order to conduct early professional diagnostics and orientation of children to the most popular specialties.

At the end of the final:

  • I place was taken by 6 presented works:
    • team “Future Aura” ( “Gymnasium № 93” Talғatov B., Tұyaқ B.);
    • team “G-smart” (students of school “IT” Ramazanova S., Mahbud A.);
    • team “Leader Group” (students of “Gymnasium named after S. Seifullin” Zhұmatay., Tұrar D.);
    • (student of school “IT” Nosov M .;
    • student of Ulytau school № 1 Kenzhebaeva A .;
    • student of school № 25 Shokar V .;
  • II place was taken by 4 presented works:
    • team “Rhythm” (students of school № 25 Kirpichenko A., Karmanova M.);
    • students of Gymnasium № 45 Murashkin P .;
    • students of School-lyceum № 101 Astakhov N .;
    • student of school «IT»Takuadin K .;
  • III place was taken by 7 presented works:
    • team “Mobimax74” (students Adam A., Gabitov K.);
    • student of school  № 23″ Franko D .;
    • student of school  “IT” Tileukenova A .;
    • students of School-Lyceum № 4 named after  Abay Muravyev K .;
    • student of  “Lyceum School № 66” Amangeldin N .;
    • student of school  № 1″ Levin R .;
    • student of school  № 65” Kaldabekov M .;

All students who won prizes were awarded diplomas I,II,III degrees. The leaders of these students are awarded certificates and letters of thanks. Also, letters of appreciation were sent to the principals of the schools in which these students study.