February curator’s board

On 7 February, there was an enlarged meeting – board of KSTU curators dedicated to fundamental issues of University. The board was attended by representatives of the administration and teaching staff of KSTU.

The most important questions of University life and work were considered.

So, the First Vice-rector A.Z. Issagulov noted key aspects for the program implementation of quality improvement of educational process. The report of the educational work held in university was read by the Vice-rector on Educational work N.A. Alpyssbayeva.

Professor K.B. Togaybayev told about recent work of the Aksakals Board. The chairman of curator’s board N.A. Smagulova conducted an analysis of completed master classes during the curatorial hours. Questions of creative life of our University within the framework of the work of creative teams was considered by Director of DYP S.A. Zhautikova.

Besides the already implemented tasks, the plans for the near future in the framework of implementation of paragraphs of the last message of the President were reviewed.

Traditionally, curator’s board ended with the awarding of the best curators.