Faculty Week: Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications, Department of Communication Systems Technology

On 03/14/2024, the Department of Communication Systems Technology held a Faculty Week, which was attended by 10 graduates of Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College.

Senior lecturer Sakenova S.Zh. told the students the basic information about the educational program “Communications and communication technologies”.

Then the students visited the Museum of Communications, where they were shown the stand “The scheme of the fiber optic communication line of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

College students also visited Huawei Academy.

Senior lecturer Yesenzholov U.S. said that in 2021, on the basis of the Department of Technology and Communication Systems, the academy was officially opened by the developer Huawei. The Academy has a separate office equipped with 7 modern computers. At this academy, students are trained to build networks based on the eNSP application program. This program is developed by Huawei engineers and allows you to explore a wide range of possibilities of computer communication systems. The academy has 3 certified instructors who teach students in the following areas: “Switching and Routing”, “Datacom” and “Data Storage”. Every year, the academy certifies about 30 students who are employed in leading enterprises in the field of network technology. At the end of the tour, the students were shown some illustrative examples of the results of the graduation papers of graduates of the educational program “Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications”.