Extraction of pure methane will allow to reduce the price of gas in half

Such an opinion shared by the honored miner of Kazakhstan, Professor Drizhd Nikolay. According to him, the level of methane content in the mines of the Karaganda coal basin is high. To solve the problem of security and ecology will help degassing, the Professor noted. Earlier this method was used in the mines quite frequently. Karaganda experts even were his ancestors.

Drizhd Nikolay, Professor, honored miner of Kazakhstan: — This problem 60 years ago was engaged in the coal miners. But for various reasons this was abandoned. According to the Professor, each layer is up to 20-30 year cubic meters of methane. Gas greatly impedes the extraction of coal. Therefore, in the country gradually returned to degassing.

Drizhd Nikolay, Professor, honored miner of Kazakhstan: — the First good result this year. Funds were allocated for drilling of 4 pilot wells and several exploration. They worked out and placed on the master.

Источник: http://24.kz/ru/news/pokupaj-kazakhstanskoe/item/92506-dobycha-chistogo-metana-pozvolit-udeshevit-gaz-v-poltora-raza