Experts revealed the reason of house collapse in Shakhan

On 6 January, a press-conference on the expertise results for the reasons of residential building collapse in Shakhan, Karaganda region was held in Kazakhstan Polytechnical Institiute of Reconstruction and Development (KazMIRR) at KSTU. Director of KazMIRR, Ph.D. Nuguzhinov Zhumagul Smagulovich answered the questions of journalists.

KazMIRR experts conducted a thorough survey of the house, where the explosion occurred in the evening on 1 January, and was the result of 9 people’ death.

‘The reason of the collapse of load-bearing structures of the building was the explosion from below in a triple room – the boiler room. What exactly exploded – the gas or the boiler, the investigating authorities will determine. The load-bearing structures of the first, second and third entrances have no defects and damages, evidence of the reduction of carrying capacity’, – Director of the Institute Zhumagul Nuguzhinov said.

The entrance, which was damaged by the explosion, had 15 apartments. Five three-bedroom apartments damaged by explosion cannot be recovered. But the rest 1, 2-room apartments in the same entrance that is located to the left of the stairs, it can be operated further.

According to the expert, the interior wall will be the outer. It is enough to insulate and face it to keep the fourth entrance with 1, 2-room apartments.

As for installed autonomous heating system in high-rise building , according to building codes, their operation is illegal.

‘The boiler should not be there. There is a SNiP 2.35.7b, which contains information about installation of boilers. According to paragraph 1.7, installation of the boilers, built-in high-rise residential buildings are not allowed”, —Director of KazMIRR emphaised.