Excursion of «NPF Ergonomics» LLP

Students of the 4th year of the educational program «Teploenergetika» in the framework of the development of cooperation with member enterprises of the Corporate University visited with an excursion LLP «NPF Ergonomics».

The building of «NPF Ergonomics» LLP is energy efficient and has an energy efficiency certificate with Class A. The material and technical base of the branch consists of modern innovative energy-saving equipment. NPF Ergonomics LLP is the first energy service company in Kazakhstan and actively cooperates with UNDP-Kazakhstan.

Using the example of the work of engineering equipment of «NPF Ergonomics» LLP, the company’s technical specialists conducted practical classes for university students, where energy-efficient heating, lighting, ventilation systems and water leakage control systems were considered. In terms of efficient energy consumption, «NPF Ergonomics»  LLP uses systems for regulating and managing energy and water consumption, which significantly reduces utility costs, these technologies allow reducing CO2 emissions.

This experience can be applied by students, both in determining topics for theses, and subsequently in the design and commissioning of real objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan.