Excursion to the Eco Museum

On December 7, groups EE-20-1 and EE-21-1sk with a total of 37 students and curators of this group visited the Karaganda Ecological Museum (Ecomuseum).

The Eco Museum was established in Karaganda in 1995 and registered in the Karaganda Department of the Ministry of Justice as a public association on May 15, 1997. The guide told about the general environmental situation in the Karaganda region and in Kazakhstan as a whole. He familiarized with various stands and exhibits, showed a radiation map of the consequences of the Semipalatinsk landfill, models of uranium quarries, coal mines, models of waste disposal equipment, talked about energy efficiency and energy conservation and their benefits in the environmental component of the country, about saving water resources and forestry.

The museum’s mission is to collect and disseminate environmental information on the territory of Central Kazakhstan in order to enhance the role of the public in solving urgent environmental problems and developing democratic processes in society.

Tasks of the Ecological Museum:

– increasing environmental awareness of the population and government agencies;

– involvement of the population and the state in active environmental protection activities;

– development of cooperation between the state and the public to solve environmental problems and ensure sustainable development of Kazakhstan;

– study of acute environmental problems by collecting information and conducting their own environmental research;

– introduction of environmentally efficient technologies.