Events (photos and video of the measures) for the 2014 – 2015 year





25.02.15 Between the faculties was carries out Olympiad (“Қазақ тілін білгенің – өз елінді сүйгенің”). Olympiad consisted of three contest.

1 contest – essay.

1) 70 year from the Great Patriotic War. My grandfather is veteranian.

2) 20-th anniversary of “Assembly of the people of Kazakhtan”.

3) 20-th anniversary of Constitution:

Basis  of independence of Constitution.

4) 550-th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate:

“Kazakh Khans”

2 contest – work with a picture.

3 contest – the test.

1 place – Andrey Koryabkin (FET – RET – 14-2)

2 place – Kirill Mazur-Sotsky (GF – GD – 14-2)

               Victoria Baits (FET – EE – 14-2)

3 place – Saya Nyamtsu (MF – MV – 14-3)

               Ibragimov Ibragim (GF – GPR – 14-2)

              Tanya Talalaikina (FEM – FEM – 14-3)

Members of commission:

Senior Teacher – Nurzhanova K.K.

Senior Teacher – Ahilkasov G.M.

 Olympiad was held by: Tusupbekova E.K.

                                    Salkebaeva A.D.




       September 22 13.00 in the first case in the study of interethnic consent №326 inter-faculty competition was held in honor of the Day of Languages of the people of Kazakhstan “Language – the soul of the people”.

       Objective: to provide students with the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, with the work of the great Kazakh poet and akyns know by heart their works to instill skills in the study of the Kazakh language, foster a sense of patriotism and love of country.

       As a result of the grand prix team employed “Tulpar” first team “Sunkar”. Team captains were awarded with certificates and letters of appreciation from team members.


  1. Kalybekova K.S. – head of the Department of the Kazakh language and culture, candidate of Philology, associate Professor
  2. Sagatova G.K. – senior lecturer of the Department of the Kazakh language and culture, master of Education
  3. Kuleymenova L.M. – lecturer of the Department of the Kazakh language and culture, master of Education

  Held:    Smagulova N.A.

             Ospangalieva M.T.

             Imanbaeva S.B.






On the 6th of May of 1998 year according to Kazakhstan Republic’s President decree Akmola was renamed as Astana. In 1998 according to decision of UNESCO the capital of Kazakhsatn was awarded with a medal and assigned a status of “City of the World”. Today Astana is the center of Eurasia where different meetings by political ,economic, social and cultural issues of modernity are held. 

On 29th of September of 2014 for a given theme curator of the group OP-14-2,m. of t.s, teacher L.M. Kuleimenova spent a lesson with the topic “Astana is the symbol of renewal of Kazakhstan, symbol of originative energy of its multinational people”. The main purpose of event is acquainting with historical past of the capital ,geographical position, attractions of Astana, expanding  interest  to magnificent city of our country; expanding cognitive interest; educating patriotism and to be proud of our capital and Motherland.

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