The Students-activists of department took part in different events:



1. Educationally- cognitive exhibition of RC HS №5.

On October 25 and 26 of 2011, within the framework of the events sanctified to the 20 year of Independence of Republic of Kazakhstan, on the base of resource center of high school №5, an educationally-cognitive exhibition conducted reflecting history of development of sovereign Kazakhstan, achievements of country in the areas of science and education, industrially-innovative and intellectual potential of the Karaganda region, the students of KSTU took part in that. FET presented Nurakhmet Alihan student of group HE- 09-2.


2. Master class for activists.

“Team formation”

The master class took place 21.02.12 in 4 corps of KSTU that collected about 12 activists of FET. This training was directed what to form operative commands, to join the activists of FET with the purpose of more effective organization of management and increase of capacity, and similarly rallying of collective with the purpose of improvement and increase of data flows. Master a class conducted Balmakaev Sayat.

3. Municipal archive – round table sanctified to memory of Saginov Abylkas Saginovich. This round table passed on November 10 of 2011 year in the municipal archive of c. Karaganda. The transmission of archive of documents of Sagynova A.S. was produced, performance of close relatives friends, colleagues. FET was presented by Nurakhmet Alikhan, student of group HE- 09-2.



4. Intellectually-sport game of “Force of mind”

Intellectually – a sport game under the name “Force of mind” passed in Sport-complex of KSTU in 28.11.2011.

The organizers of this game were students-activists of trade-union bureau of institute ME. The activists of FET and FE showed one of the best results and legally took the 1 place among all institutes of KSTU. From FET participated Amangeldiev Dos student of group REET- 11-2 and Koshzhan Erkebulan student of group REET- 11-2.


5. “Flashmob” sanctified to the 20year of Independence of Republic of Kazakhstan. More than 50 students took part from FET.



6. On February 10-11 for “Young Orda” KSTU departure school passed in Temirtau.

On departure school activists passed seminars, training, found new friends. From FET took part Zhakan Zhannur student of group AaC- 11-2, Kazakanova Zhibek student of group AaC – 11-2, Shakhmetova Anara student of group AaC – 11-4, Ilyasov Ersain student of group AaC- 10-1, Muratov Bekkeldi student of group EE – 10-1, Hasen Togzhan student of group RET- 11-2.



7. Startup + Invest Avenue




8. On 3 October the District Saturday

In the period from September 28 to October 31, announced the autumn month of improvement, sanitary cleaning and gardening. As part of the autumn month of October 3rd District held Saturday. KSTU took an active part in the cleanup, in the territories came out and made the necessary works on sanitary cleaning and landscaping of more than 450 students.


9. Student marathon quest “to establish contact”

The activists of the trade union of students “Jas Horde” September 18, 2015 had a student-marathon quest “to establish contact” for first-year students. The quest-marathon was attended by 14 teams of 10 people from all departments of the university. The main goal of the teams had to go through 11 stations, which were located on the territory of educational and support facilities KSTU (sports complex, hostels, dean’s offices) and family restaurant «Ser Burger». With the passage of the station, participants were asked to answer questions about the history of the university, as well as to perform a task.
As a result of scoring 1 place was the team of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction, 2nd place – team of the Faculty of Mining and honorable 3rd place – team of the Faculty of Information Technology.
Our sponsors were paintball club «Dragon», who presented certificates to all participants free game team took 1st place, as well as savings bonus cards for the 2nd and 3rd places; family restaurant «Ser Burger», which is awarded 20 free setov team members, took 2nd place; and for the team, took the 3rd place institution unique format “headquarters” issued discount cards.