The event «Сomprehensive plan for youth support for 2021-2025» was held

The deputy dean for educational work of FEAT Makhambetov O. K., senior lecturer of the department Bokizhanov G. And M. and students of the EE-22-1 group were present.

The main purpose of the event: in accordance with the comprehensive plan for youth support in Kazakhstan for 2021-2025, to consider improving measures to support youth.

The round table was started by the curator of the group, B. K. Magauin: in particular, comprehensive events are planned aimed at increasing the activity of young people through monitoring solutions to housing problems, promoting their employment, supporting young scientists and startup projects, and implementing the Affordable Sports project. The comprehensive plan consists of 55 points from 10 directions. Also, in order to provide a methodological basis for the system of state youth policy and its further adaptation to the current needs and interests of youth, the national report “Youth of Kazakhstan 2020” has been developed.

Students of the EE-22-1 group took an active part in the event. Students read out assignments and reports that were given to them during the event. And he focused on the laws concerning the support of youth through presentations. Video clips were also shown.

During the event, the deputy dean of the FEAT for educational work, O. K. Makhambetov, spoke, who explained to students how to solve this problem using the youth support policy.