The event “Dala Konyrauy” dedicated to the 180th anniversary of Ibray Altynsarin was held at the College of Innovative Technologies

This year marks the 180th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Kazakh educator, writer, ethnographer, folklorist and public figure Ybray Altynsarin.

Ybray Altynsarin is a great teacher who wrote the first textbook, opened a school for Kazakh youth, and was engaged in education. He fought for the purity of the language, was the first to teach children in their native language, a realist writer, a brilliant teacher.

In this regard, a festive event was held at the College of Innovative Technologies of Karaganda Technical University – “Dala konyrauy”. The main purpose of the event is to introduce young people to the life and work of the first teacher, the great educator Ybray Altynsarin and, thanks to his stories, to instill morality, decency and diligence in young people. To teach the younger generation to remember, respect and imitate a Great Personality.

Activists and talented college students willingly took part in the event: Sakenova Ayaulym, Yesimov Ersayyn, Argynbai Dilmar, Seitkalieva Arna, Kabdullaev Nursultan, Kolzova Karina, Zhumabayeva Alsu, Turumbayev Rustem, Meiram Diana, Tugumbayev Eldar, Akzhunisov Nurdaulet, Olzhabekuly Bekzhan, Karip Nursultan and Baburov Timur. This holiday was in a special place for them. At the event, students dressed up in national costumes, recreated the stories of Ybray Altynsarin in a theatrical performance, read poems and prepared beautiful melodies and dances of our people, showing themselves in various fields of art. Also at this event, as they say “Nagyz kazak – kazak emes, nagyz kazak – Dombra”, students played kui and sang songs on the Kazakh dombra. The teachers watched the performances of the students with great interest. The meeting dedicated to the anniversary was held in a specially designed auditorium of the college. The teachers who organized the event told about the significance and deep meaning of this day. The event ended with congratulatory messages.