Isatayev Yermek

Isatayev Yermek Sakenovich,  student of FIT-09-2 group of Karaganda State Technical University, is the holder of the International Scholarship “Bolashak” of the President of Kazakhstan.
My decision to participate in the competition was not a solution of one day. I have been preparing for this by expanding my horizons, participating in competitions, engaging in self-education throughout the school years. And without any doubt, decided to participate in this competition, which opens great prospects not only in education, but also in the future profession. In order to achieve the intended purpose enough to be successful in one area, I believe that people should be educated to diversify. Especially, it helps to work in a team where your idea can be useful and all, and at the same time a sense of camaraderie brings us to the solution of a problem.

I want to express big gratitude to my parents for upbringing, education and moral support during studying in KTL and participation in participation in competition of the International Scholarship of President of RK “Bolashak”. In achievement of my aim, I would like to express my great gratitude to Kazakh – Turkish Lyceum, where I got the basis of my knowledge, to teaching staff, who raised me as well-rounded person and led interest to all new things,
also to epmployee of the international department Zholmagambetova B.R. at Karaganda State Technical University for information and advice.
Choice of the country, the United States of America is associated with more extensive development and rapid introduction of innovative technologies that promotes economic growth and its stability in this difficult time of crisis. In terms of education I like innovative approach to student, originality of methods, self-government of students, continuity and connections with other universities, as well as high rank of graduates, which should be aspired.
During the existence of sovereign Kazakhstan there are big changes in all areas of industry. Look around and you will see many amazing things created by human hands and minds: radio, telephone, cars, ships, planes, rockets ..

But human possibilities are unlimited. Today’s world is unthinkable without the latest technologies, without them scientific progress is not possible either, nor the creation of the industrial base of the country. Currently, information technologies are necessary for state, so I selected faculty will help me understand the world of modern information technology, to understand and study the structure of information, its properties and to acquire solid knowledge which I can use in a common effort to develop the country’s industrial might.
International Scholarship of the President of RK “Bolashak” – is good support for talented, capable, young people in their quest to be a strong and reliable support for their country. And a fair assessment of their work, a pledge of prosperity of our country.
I want to wish good luck to future applicants, persistence, patience, as the way to get international scholarship of the President of RK “Bolashak” has not been easy. And so I think that a person who have these qualities will certainly reach all his aims.

Issatayev Ermek