Erasmus Mundus


Erasmus Mundus – is a program for the exchange and cooperation in the field of higher education aimed at improving the quality of European higher education and to promotion of dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures through cooperation with third countries. In addition, the program promotes the development of human resources and international capability of cooperation between higher education institutions in third countries through increased exchange programs between the European Union and these countries.

Few programs of the European Union, if any, have such all-European scale.
In the program Erasmus Mundus about 90% of European universities are involved. Since the opening of the program in 1987, it was attended by about 1.9 million students. More than 3,100 higher education institutions from 31 countries are participants of the program, and more universities intend to join.
In the period from 2009 to 2013 EU plans to strengthen support for the most talented students and professors from countries outside the EU by providing grants for participation in joint programs in Europe. The scope of the program will be extended to doctoral level, in addition, we plan to increase financial assistance provided by European students.

Planned budget for the program Erasmus Mundus will be 950 million euros for the period from 2009 to 2013 according to preliminary projections.