Department of «The technology of communication systems»

About the educational program 6B06201 «Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications»


The professional activity of the graduates of the program is directed in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications.

The direction of the program of specialty and specialization covers engineering and engineering.

The purpose of the educational program is to teach students general education, basic and profile disciplines with the achievement of relevant competencies.

In case of successful completion of the full undergraduate course, the graduate is awarded the degree “Bachelor in Information and Communication Technologies in the educational program 6B06201 – Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications”.

The educational program provides for the study of the following innovative disciplines:

– Fundamentals of building and modeling communication systems;

– Wireless communication technologies;

– Technologies of digital communication;

– Corporate communication networks.


Objects of professional activity of the EP graduate: automated process control systems for various industries, automated information and control systems for various purposes, automated systems for receiving, processing and transmitting data for various purposes, automated systems for designing systems, objects, devices, automated systems for technological preparation of production for various industries, automated systems for complex testing of parts, products, assemblies, devices in various industries.

Types of professional activity of the EP graduate:

– service and operational activities;

– production and technological activities;

– organizational and managerial activities;

– design and development activities;

– experimental research activity.


The educational program is designed on the basis of a modular system for studying disciplines and contains 18 modules that form general educational and professional competencies. The program includes theoretical training in the amount of 240 credits, professional practice, final certification. The mission of the educational program is to create conditions for the training of competitive and highly educated specialists in the field of automation and control. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will:

– calculate the median signal-to-noise ratio, signal-to-noise ratio at the input of receiving stations and statistical parameters for these ratios; select the main energy parameters of the equipment necessary for calculating the BS route;

– use computer technology for calculations and design of digital communications; to simulate a corporate local area network operating on various technologies; apply computer technology for calculations and design of software and hardware communications;

– plan and analyze the business activities of the enterprise, business plans, investment projects and offer rational solutions used in investment design, business planning, project management;

– apply information security methods and software and hardware that ensure data protection in information systems;

– demonstrate fundamental natural knowledge in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and electronics, apply graphic programs to solve problems in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications;

– to design and develop software for various enterprises for operational purposes and control of the operation of radio-telecommunication systems;

– design receivers for radio communication, broadcasting, radar and radio relay systems for various purposes; develop block diagrams of radio transmitting devices; calculate individual nodes; to carry out installation and adjustment of technical means of radio engineering;

– to speak competently in the state, Russian and foreign languages, demonstrate knowledge of legal and ethical standards, possess a high level of culture, morality, argue their position, comply with the rules and norms of labor protection, ecology and industrial safety.

Admission of students is carried out both on a state educational order (grants), and on a paid basis.

Training is carried out in full-time and distance learning

Studying at the full-time department, except for the deferment from military conscription, subject to studying at the military Department, will allow you to get an officer’s rank.

Graduates of colleges and technical schools of related specialties can receive higher education in a full-time reduced program.

For persons wishing to receive a second higher education, an accelerated program is being prepared.

Upon completion of training, diplomas of higher education of their own sample are issued.

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