«Байланыс жүйесінің технологиясы» кафедрасы

Specialty Electronics and Telecommunications (5B071900)

It is impossible to name the area of ​​life where it had not been used to achieve the industry of science and technology, dealing with electronic systems, radio systems and telecommunications. Advances in this field impressive: mobile and satellite communications, broadcasting and television, computer and information systems, the global network Internet – without it is difficult to imagine modern life. All of this sphere of activity of specialists in the field of radio electronics and telecommunications.

Professional activities of specialists in the field of radio electronics and telecommunications include the development and operation of telecommunications systems, radio, television, radio, radar and navigation systems, radio, mobile communications, radio and television reception and audio signals, electronic and computer systems and, controlled by a microcontroller and microcomputer.

The objects of professional bachelors of this specialty are:

-Network communication and switching systems;
-Multi-telecommunication systems;

-System and the radio;

-System and device data;

-Electronic, including computer systems, facility management data conversion;

-Management and marketing in telecommunications;

-Management, operating and servicing of telecommunication devices.

The main activities of the graduates:

-Automated management of telecommunication networks, enterprises and radio broadcasting, mobile radio networks;

-Improvement, modernization and improvement of technical and economic means;

-The construction and installation of multi-channel systems and rail systems, telecommunications;

-Design and upgrade of individual components and blocks of communication systems;

And comparative techno-economic analysis of various options for building and practical application of the means of communication.

The future is in your hands!

We live in an era of global revolution in telecommunications, which radically changes the form of personal and business communication. Government agencies, trade and finance, healthcare, education, recreation area – the development of these areas of human activity is closely linked with the technological advances in telecommunications. In order to successfully operate and contribute to the further advancement of all sectors of the economy need specialists in the field of Telecommunication and Systems Engineering, which should have a solid basic knowledge of telecommunication networks.

Graduates of the department TSS always in demand by major industrial companies, public and private institutions and businesses in the Republic of requests for placement of our graduates have come from the Karaganda Oblast Directorate of Telecommunications, a subsidiary of JSC “Kazakh Telecom”; Aksusskogo Ferroalloy Plant, a subsidiary of OJSC “TNK Kazchrome ‘( Aksu, of the Pavlodar region), OJSC “Sokolov-Sar-bai ore-dressing production association”, as well as other companies and organizations.

Admission is carried out both on the state educational order (grants), and on a paid basis.

Training is carried out by full-time and distance learning

Ouchenie full-time, except delay of military conscription, provided training to the military department will receive the rank of officer.

Graduates of universities and colleges related specialties may receive a higher education full-time and part-time condensed program.

For those who wish to obtain a second higher education is preparing for full-time and part-time accelerated program.

After training diplomas of higher education state standard.