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Эмблема ФЭМ

Engineering economics and management faculty – an educational and research unit of KSTU for bachelors in economics and business. For 18 years the faculty has trained over 1200 engineers – economists, more than 1700 bachelors of economics, many of whom are heads and leading specialists of the economic departments of industrial enterprises, firms and companies in the area, region, successfully operating in the near and far abroad.

Since 1993 Economics and management faculty has functioned as the Faculty of “Economics and Management” KSTU. In September 2010 Faculty of “Economics and Management” was transformed into the Institute of “Economics and business” and from 26 November 2010 by decision of the Academic Board of KSTU was renamed into the Institute of “Economics” KSTU.

Currently, the institute has three departments: “Management of the enterprise”, “Production organization”, “Economics of the enterprise”.

The Engineering  economics and management faculty is being prepared in the following specialties:
– 5V051000 “State and local management”;
– 5V051100 “Marketing”;
– 5V050700 “Management”;
– 5V090800 “Assess”;
– 5V090400 “Socio-Cultural Services”;
– 5V050800 “Accounting and Auditing”;
– 5V050600 “Economics”.

Engineering  economics and management faculty prepares masters in 6М051000 «State and Local Management», 6М050600 «Economics».