Presentation of ENACTUS (SIFE) KSTU and TC team

Let’s change the world together! 

President of Enactus Alvin Rorse

Team of KSTU and TC organized two years ago from number of students of Technological College and students of university. For these two years the team has achieved certain successes: in the first year of participation in National competitions, held in Almaty, our team was awarded with Cup SPIRIT AWARD, and this year the team, having occupied the 2nd place, (from 18 teams of universities in Kazakhstan) received the title of Vice Champions and was invited to participate in the World Cup.

Success of the team largely due to the rector of the University Arstan Maulenovich Gazaliyev, who is interested in our work, problems, and successes. With the assistance of the rector and administration of the College, we participate in trainings for teams SIFE, go to Almaty to contests and National competitions. Last year in the Republican student’s competition of innovative projects, we took third place and received a cash prize.

What is SIFE?

SIFE is an outstanding international network of cooperation between business and higher education, which works in more than 1,500 universities in 39 countries of the world, and supported by hundreds of the largest companies. This network brings together the potential of the knowledge of the theorists of business with experience of practicing businessmen to direct enthusiasm and energy of more than 48.000 students – sifers to the right direction.
Our goal is improvement of life, help the society and education of socially responsible leaders.
SIFE demonstrates positive changes in level and quality indicators of life of people with whom team work.

The idea of SIFE: Business change people for the better.

Mission of SIFE:
To unite top-leaders of present and future for creation of better, more sustainable world with the help of constructive force of business. Mobilize students of universities around the world to apply knowledge received at universities for solution real problems of community, thereby bringing them up socially responsible leaders of their country. Students form teams and develop real projects, directed for improvement quality and level of people’s lives who are in need.
SIFE movement works in Kazakhstan for 12 years, every year number of universities which have team are increasing. There are three teams in Karaganda: KSTU, KSU, Lingua.
Membership of our SIFE team varies in the range of 20-25 people. The team realizes social projects directed to the help of people in need.
The first year we worked on two projects: help children with hearing impairment to admission to colleges and study of unemployed girls who have graduated from colleges to making souvenirs from secondary raw materials.
Results of the work: five graduates of regional boarding-schools with hearing impairment enrolled to colleges. Four unemployed girls have found jobs.
On National competitions held every year in Almaty our team was awarded with SPIRIT AWARD Cup.
The target audience of second year projects became children with hearing impairment of regional boarding school, migrants-repatriates, and rural farmers. We taught children with hearing impairment to the Essentials of Economics, Sign English language. Project on teaching Sign English language children with hearing impairment caused interest of jury members, they gave high assessment to this project. We plan to make official right for intellectual property, developed by team twenty-five classes which are recorded on electronic media.
One of the projects was connected with work with women-repatriates, we taught them to make souvenirs in HANDMADE style, so that they could earn money from selling their items. The team works under renovation of HANDMADE methods, expansion of target audience and types of services.
We developed the project on organization of production on processing plastic containers, with which garbage polygons are filled up. As petroleum products are spent on production of plastic containers it’s uneconomical to throw it, it’s necessary to process it. We plan to continue this ecological project, although have difficulties on organization of manufacturing industry.
The efforts of team are directed on help people in need, improvement of ecological situation of our city.
18 teams of leading universities of Kazakhstan took participation in National contests of 2012. Results are as follows:
National Champion: UIB team;

Our team took the 2nd place and got a title Vice-Champions;

Team of Gumilyev Eurasian National university took the third place.

Special award – SPIRIT AWARD cup was given to the team of Kazakh national agrarian university.

Our team as Vice-Champions were invited for participation in World cup.

In September of this year delegation of the team in membership of 4 students and adviser took participation in World Cup, which was held in Washington. This is a student of the 2nd course of Institute of Transport Technologies Soltabayev Batyrkhan, students of the college: the 4th course- Khussainov Ilyas, the 3rd course – Marat Gulzat, the 2nd course – Uakhitova Nazerke. We had observer status, participated in cultural presentation of Kazakhstan, watched competition among teams-champions. Students from 38 countries of different continents took participation in this international event.

Before trip to Washington was held meeting of delegation with Arstan Maulenovich, who had talk with us and wished success.

. In the process of holding World Cup was renaming of students movement SIFE to ENACTUS.

ENACTUS – Community of students –leaders – committed to use force of entrepreneurial activity on changing life and formation better, more sustainable world.

Еntrepreneurial – entrepreneurial approach

action – actions,

us -group of people who are the part of greater whole.

Participation in World Cup – it is a great event for us – young team of KSTU and TC. Our delegation visited such event first time, which brought together students of different countries to show their work over last year. The first day was presentation day of the cultural programme of each country-it struck us with its singularity. Each team was dressed in the national costumes presented their culture, dances, traditions. The parade of people of all nationalities showed that leading studentship can unite together, and there are no boundaries for communication. Students sifers communicate in an informal atmosphere, got acquainted, were photographed, dancing – it was wonderful!

Cultural fair of the teams was radiant and bright. Unusual dishes, dances, games, souvenirs – all of it was interesting and fascinating.

Competition of teams was held in 8 leagues. Winners – two teams from each league reached semifinal.

We saw how excited were students before performance, how present own projects, convincingly show the results of executed projects. What kind of problems don’t raised by sifers in the projects! It’s work with children who can’t study at school, organization of business of unemployed women and help in business of many people.

16 teams reached semifinal and only four reached final: teams of India, Egypt, Zimbabwe and the USA.

Students of the USA team won World Cup and the team of Egypt won the second place.

Impression about holding World cup are the best. What have we learned for themselves as team?


Firstly, for successful work it is necessary to solve problems of country, region which would bring improvement of life of as many people as possible.

Secondly, success comes when efforts are invested and significant results are really got of executed projects.
Thirdly it’s necessary to know English perfectly.
These conclusions were our guide to action, we hope that we will put our plans into life.

Lysachyeva T.I. teacher, adviser of team