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The base of the trade-union organization structure is trade-union student’s groups, which are formed in scholar group mates and are combined in faculty trade-union organization.    Educational work at the VE&IMT chair is carried out according to the working plan which is made on the bases of patriotic education Model. All the chair staff are the tutors of academic groups on specialties.

Educational work at the chair is organized in the following directions:

–        education of patriotism and active civil position;

–        politic and legal culture education;

–        safety  and following historical and cultural traditions of the nations who are living in Kazakhstan;

–        formation of versatile developed, educational and highly cultured personality;

–        opening the student’s  creative, organizational talents and other abilities;

–        various kinds of sport developing; positive relation to the healthy lifestyle formation; AIDS and narcomania prevention, etc.

Legal education is one of the directions of the educational work and it includes the following measures:

–        students getting acquainted with the RK law “About Education ”, University Regulations, student’s rights and liabilities, students and teachers  laws of honor and rights of the internal regulations;

–        crime prevention work organization (within the tutor’s hours), namely, thematic talks, lections, “round table”, debates organization, etc.;

–        thematic talks about “Kazakhstan-2030” strategy and State Head’s Letter to the people of Kazakhstan.

–        Monthly issuing of the legal bulletin.

The problems of educational work are considered in department sessions.

Tutor’s hours are weekly visited by head of a chair Jhunusov B.B., chairman of tutor’s board Оspanova D.T., deputy director of educational work AlshynbaevaZh. E., visit results are considered in faculty board and department sessions.

At the beginning of 2012  years the structure of university educational work was reorganized by the way of combining all of appropriating structures in unified self-government student’s institution – the Professional association of KSTU students “ZhasOrda”.

The present organization headed by the chairman, elected by the Board (high control) carry out and coordinate activity in following directions: the education quality, the patriotic education, social and legal work, carrying out mass-cultural events,  student’s hostel social everyday issues, narcomania, smoking, alcoholism prevention.

Within the frames of this trade union organization there works a debate club, a Republican “Alliance of Kazakhstan students”, a students’ theatre, a charity organization “Akniyet”, “Zhasyl el”, students’ construction teams. The most important for every person are known to became the events  in which preparing he participated. Therefore, we attract as many as possible students to organizing the events forming in them a special feeling of touching the event.

Educational work is made by special plan, confirmed by dean. According to the plan the main direction of senior tutor and group tutors activity are the following:

–        Methodological help in making plans and tutor work organization;

–        Analysis of tutor work and tutor activity control;

–        Organization of students mass cultural and sporting life (in common with SAC and students trade union);

–        Momentous and festal events celebration;

–        Attestation results discussing by students and dean’s office;

–        Summing up the session results with analysis and suggestions;

–        Participating in social-political events of KSTU, city, region, Republic.

A senior tutor works under the methodological and organization supervision of KSTU vice-rector on educational work and MTI dean (through the MTI deputy dean on educational workAlshynbaevaZh. E).

For every department VE & IMT group is made “tutor’s folders”, where store all materials about this group.

Monthly faculty tutors report of progress and attendance condition.

Big attention pays to the students cultural leisure and esthetic education. Students take an active part in KVN, amateur circles.

TogetherwiththeirtutorsthestudentstookpartintheworkstoimprovetheKSTUterritory, in “subbotniks”.

The students of IMT took an active part in the following events:

– a students’ conference devoted to the Day of tankmnn;

A special attention is paid to  the propagation of the healthy lifestyle: there are carried out talks, seminars.

OrganizationandholdingtheeventsonAIDS, narcomaniaandsmokingprevention with attracting medical workers, narcologists, venereologists and so on.