Educational work

Department of “Information Technology and Security”


Educational work at the department is carried out according to plans drawn up by each supervisor, in accordance with the recommendations of administration, dean’s office, the concept of a modern model of development and implementation of educational work, in the same calendar plan of patriotic education of students on an example of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In its work, the curators of groups governed by the Model of patriotic education, which was twice discussed and approved at the session of the Majilis of the Round table is recommended for all higher education institutions of Kazakhstan and is a priority of KSTU. Plans curatorial hours and educational work of the faculty have been developed on this basis.

At the Department of stands available visual information about the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan; to promote healthy lifestyles and prevention of AIDS, the fight against drug addiction, alcoholism, patriotic and legal education and the quality management system (QMS). ITB Students of the department are actively involved in sports, the Games, competitions, round tables, various actions carried out by KSTU, city and regional akimats, events at the Republic level. Most of the work is done by curators of the department, who daily through ZIMBRA system to alert parents of students on attendance and academic performance, as well as the University of the news. curators work is aimed, first of all, to achieve positive results in performance and attendance of students. Hosts keep in constant contact with parents of students. Students of the department actively participate in the social life of the university, participate in cultural, sports and other activities.