Educational Work of the faculty of Architecture and Construction

Architecture and Construction faculty



Architecture and Construction faculty has active educational work with students and applicants.

Vocational guidance, besides the usual meetings with high school graduates, includes a tour of the faculty, particularly in the architectural exhibition, participation in the jury school competitions, organization of conferences with pre-university educational institutions.

Faculty regularly organizes educational activities – round work tables, thematic meetings, conferences, debates, seminars and curatorial hours, media. In the framework, which is promoting the creative heritage of historical personalities, science, culture, raising questions about the fight against terrorism and extremism, and ethnic harmony. The following conferences have already become traditional for the faculty:

  • «Kazakhstan’s patriotism is the base of the unity of the people of Kazakhstan»;
  • «My Motherland is Kazakhstan»;
  • «Homeland Security – a sacred duty»;
  • «Abai – Shakarim: Past and Present»;
  • «The great humanists of the world»;
  • «Heroism-legacy for the people, call for generations».

At a high level are celebrating the New Year, dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz, as well as other state and national holidays. To bring together students with faculty celebrated an unique holiday for the university – Birthday of FAC.

The birthday party of FAC