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There are students of educational programes 6В07106, 6B11302 and 6B11322 in 21 educational groups are trained, in everyone there is a curator instructor.

According to the plan of curator and educational work  are weekly spent curator hours and by their results protocols are made.
During a semester all curators on curator hours consider subjects of the planned schedule of Model of patriotic education on an example of the First President of Republic of Kazakhstan of N.A.Nazarbayev.
Head of the department of “TE and LS” Kabikenov S. in common with the senior curator Maulenova A., carries out regular monitoring of the current progress and attendance in the academic groups. They regularly remind to students the Charter of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, Regulations, the Code of honor of the student, of importance of moral shape of student KTU, and also questions on prevention of offenses and importance of a healthy image in life of the student.

Students and the faculty actively participate in community work days on city cleaning, sports and festive actions, etc.

On curator hours by students were seen: the film «Nazarbayev Universitet – a national brand of Kazakhstan», the video “Kazybek Bee”. On curator hours materials from books on Models of patriotic education, materials from sources of the Internet, an event and the facts of real life of the country and the world are used. Curator hours are spent in various forms (conversation, the round table, the dramatized representation, debate, etc.). The substantial part of curator hours includes a material necessary for formation at students of respect for cultural and historical last RK, patriotic consciousness, a pride.

For the weekly meetings of the department, lagging students with the largest number of school absences are invited, as well as students who have 3 or more non-certifications for border control. The reasons for omissions and arrears were clarified, explanatory notes were taken from the students, curators sent out letters to parents, including by e-mail Zimbra.
Curators regularly talk with students, daily control of attendance, performance of laboratory and term papers (projects) are carried out.