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Calendar plan of curatorial hours

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Curatorial hours schedule

Duty schedule in dormitories KarTU

Schedule of master classes of curatorial hours


In total, there are 72 full-time departments in the faculty, 1 – a course of 20 groups, 2 courses of -19 groups, 3 courses – 21 groups of 4 courses – 12 groups. The educational work is carried out by the curator assigned to each group. In all groups, curator hours are held weekly according to the curator hours plan drawn up by the group curator at the beginning of the semester and the model of patriotic education adopted in KSTU. Each curator also conducts unscheduled work with students, namely, conversations about offenses, about compliance with internal rules, about the dangers of smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction, about AIDS prevention, about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, prevention of religious extremism.

The faculty of telecommunications and energy regularly hosts master classes for curatorial hours.

In groups of FEAT, active work is carried out with parents of students through the ZIMBRA mailing program implemented in KSTU. Parents of students actively receive reports from supervisors to study their children and are fully informed about the life of both the faculty and the university as a whole. Individual preventive work is carried out with students who systematically miss classes, as well as their parents through telephone communications, personal conversations, an invitation to department meetings, where such cases are dealt with in great detail and disciplinary measures are taken against such students (reprimands, strict comments, warnings) .

Close attention to the FEAT is given to students living in the hostels of KSTU and MSTU. Curators, whose students live in hostels, are on duty in accordance with the schedule drawn up additionally (for example, on holidays on the celebration of Independence Day, March 8, March 22 – Nauryz, director, deputy director and curators of the institute were on duty compiled graphics in the hostels of KSTU and MSTU).

The students of FEAT are active members of the Professional Union of Students of KSTU “Zhas Orda”, by which various events are organized and held both inside FEAT and on the scale of KSTU.


Much attention is paid to cultural leisure and aesthetic education of students.

Students together with activists of FEAT participated in various events:

Students of the TSC department participated in the following events:

Akhmetova Dariga, a student of the RET-17-3 group, took the III place in the e-student competition “Nazarbayev N.А. – personality, politician, leader “.

Student Bezrukov V. took III place in the scientific-practical student conference “My Motherland-Kazakhstan”.

Student of RET-17-3 Omarova Asel took part in the Olympiad in the Kazakh language “Book – the bridge of spirituality and culture”, held in order to promote the creativity of Kazakh poets, and won first place. She also took part in the English Olympiad within the framework of the implementation of the Concept of multilingual education in KSTU for 2017-2020, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of KSTU.

On February 20, a round table on the President’s Address was held on the topic: “Trilingualism – a pass to the big world”, in which students of the RET-17-3 groups (curated by G.A. Belik ) and RET-16-3 (curated by Gavrilov M.) took part . At this event, students reviewed the prospects for the implementation of trilingualism in the country, as well as problems arising in the way of implementing trilingualism in life.


On April 16, a round table was held to strengthen the spiritual and moral values ​​of the National Patriotic Idea “Magic El” on the topic “The Tugan Jer Program – the basis of our patriotism” with the participation of the RET-16-2 groups (curated by Maymurynova A.A.) and RET-15 -1 (curator Nesipova S.S.). At this event, students made presentations about their hometowns and towns.

The organization of student participation in cultural work

  November 29, 2017 in the Russian Drama Theater. K.S. Stanislavsky hosted the long-awaited final of the talent contest “First-year student debut at KarSTU 2017”. The first place and certificate worth 75,000 tenge were received by the Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications

“Original genre” – Daria Ovsyannikova (FEAT)

“The best instrumental number” ІІІ place: (ФЭАТ)

“The best flashmob” ІІ place: ФЭАТ

On April 13, at the Palace of Culture of the Miners, the contest “Mr. and Miss KarGTU 2018” was held. The event was timed to the 20th anniversary of Astana and the 65th anniversary of Karaganda State Technical University. It is worth noting that the competition was held on the eve of the Day of lovers of Koz Kurpesh and Bayan Slu.

According to the results of the competition, the title “Miss KarGTU-2018” and the crown was won by Asel Omarova.

The result of the festival “Yel Zhүregі – Astana” dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana!

“Grand Prix Debate” (PEAT), and 3rd place Energy faction

National instrumental genre of Grand Prix (PEAT), 1st place (PEAT), 3rd place (FEAT)

“KTK” (Kazakh league) 3rd place (FEAT), Үzdіk zіl (FEAT)

KTK (Russian League) 2 nd place (FEAT)

“Modern dance” 1st place (FEAT)

On March 20, the long-awaited competition of national traditions and sports games “Az Nayryz” was held in the cafe “Polytechnic”, which was attended by the strongest teams of faculties

Among the faculties: 2 nd place – FEAT

On May 5, 2018, the intellectual game of the Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications was held – “Energy Saving in Our Life”. The event was attended by 5 teams, students of 1,2,3 courses of this faculty.

At the end of the game, the team “Energy” won the I place of art. gr. EE-15-3 Rymbekov Azamat., EE-15-1 Daribay Erkin.

The Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption held a competition for students of higher and educational institutions of the Karaganda region for the best videos held under the slogan “We are not for sale”

In the nomination “Vine-roller” students of KSTU (FEAT) won

Tulebaev Zhalgas

Suleimenova Aizhan

Ilyasov Yelzhan

On May 30, the VI Ball of the KSTU Rector took place, in the competition “King and Queen of the Ball of KSTU – 2018”. Students of the Faculty of Power Engineering and Telecommunications Toleu Temirlan – Smailova Damira became students


On March 20, a competition of national traditions and sports games “Az Nayryz” was held in the cafe “Polytechnic”, in which teams of faculties, dormitories and college of our university took part. The teams covered a rich dastarkhan and adequately presented the tradition of their people, and the songs and dances decorated the performance. According to the results of the competition, the FEAT team, which included students from the TSS department, took the second place.