Prof. A.N.Daniyarov chair of Industrial transport

Calendar curator hours on the model of patriotic education

Curator’s hours schedule

List of curators

The department trains students according to the educational program 6B11301 each has a curator-tutor

According to curriculum and educational curriculum, curatorial hours are held weekly and protocols are compiled based on their results.


«During the semester, all curators at the curatorial hours consider the topics of the calendar plan of the Model of patriotic education on the example of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev. The head of the department, Askarova B.S., together with senior curator Atken E., conducts regular monitoring of current academic performance and attendance in academic groups. The students were regularly reminded of the University’s Charter, Internal Regulations, the Student’s Honor Code, the importance of the student’s moral image, the map, as well as questions on the prevention of offenses and the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the student’s life»

Students and teachers actively participate in subbotniks cleaning the city, festive events,

The curatorial hours are held in various forms (conversation, round table, theatrical performance, debate, etc.). The substantive part of the curatorial hours includes the material necessary to form the students’ respect for the cultural and historical past of the Republic of Kazakhstan, patriotic consciousness, and pride.

For the weekly meetings of the department, lagging students with the largest number of school absences are invited, as well as students who have 3 or more non-certifications for border control. The reasons for omissions and debts were clarified, explanatory notes taken from students, curators sent out letters of warning to parents, including by e-mail, Wtsapp.