Educational Work

Chair of higher mathematics


Chair educational work inseparably linked with educational process and it is performed on the basis of plans of supervisor work under a direct management of rector and dean’s administration (supervisor hours, solemn meetings, meetings and demonstrations), is made in order:

– creation of conditions for preparation of the experts possessing high professionalism and a broad outlook, skills of dialogue and work in collective;

– formation of patriotic, spiritual and moral qualities of students;

– propagation and introduction of physical training and a healthy way of life;

– creation of full value socially-pedagogical environment promoting education of highly moral, spiritually and physically healthy person, capable to bear moral responsibility for taking technical and technological and organizational decisions in the further labor activity. 

EDUCATIONAL WORK PLAN FOR THE 2022/2023 ACADEMIC YEAR OF the Higher Mathematics Department

Event Term

of execution

Responsible performers
1 Freshman week:

familiarization with the activities of the university, Internal regulations, Rules of residence in dormitories, the Code of Honor of a university student. About the work of student clubs, sports sections of the university.

September, 2022 Curators of the department НМ.
2 Charity event «The road to school». September, 2022 Teachers of the department НМ.
3 Conducting the Olympiad among students of grades 10-11 of the region. February, 2023 Kazhikenova S.Sh., Zhurov V.V.
4 Preparation and holding of the International Competition of student papers (projects) “Mathematics and its applications in science and technology”. April, 2023.


Kazhikenova S.Sh., Zhurov V.V.


5 Visiting local history museums. During the school year. Curators of the department НМ.
6 Organization and holding of the holiday «Nauryz» at the department. March, 2023 Teachers of the department НМ.
7 Conducting a master class on the topic “Financial pyramid, fraud, Internet fraud”. March, 2023 Curator of the group

TT-22-2, TT-22s

Tuleutayeva Zh.M.

8 Charity event “Letter to Santa Claus ”. December, 2022 Teachers of the department НМ.
9 Conducting educational activities with 1st year students. During the school year Teachers of the department НМ.
10 Determination of the “risk group” from among students exposed to “bullying”, “columbine”, monitoring of the level of religiosity of students of the department. During the school year Teachers of the department НМ.
11 Publications in the media and social networks. During the school year Teachers of the department НМ.

Curators of “High Matematica” chair

Tuleutaeva Zh.M. (ТТ-22-2)

Kabieva G.K. (Log-22-2)