Educational Work

Chair of higher mathematics

Chair educational work inseparably linked with educational process and it is performed on the basis of plans of supervisor work under a direct management of rector and dean’s administration (supervisor hours, solemn meetings, meetings and demonstrations), is made in order:

– creation of conditions for preparation of the experts possessing high professionalism and a broad outlook, skills of dialogue and work in collective;

– formation of patriotic, spiritual and moral qualities of students;

– propagation and introduction of physical training and a healthy way of life;

– creation of full value socially-pedagogical environment promoting education of highly moral, spiritually and physically healthy person, capable to bear moral responsibility for taking technical and technological and organizational decisions in the further labor activity.

Educational work is carried out according to «Model of students patriotic education» after the example of the First President of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students of chair take active part of youth work wing People’s Democratic Party “Nur Otan” and Student’s Parliament KTU.

THE PLAN of educational work of “High Matematica” chair for 2020-2021

Development of the Kazakhstan patriotism among students and employees of chair

Name of events Deadlines
1 2 3
1 Organization and participation in activities to promote state policy and the use of state symbols of RK, Kazakhstan education of patriotism: Constantly
1.1 Updating stands with state symbols Constantly
1.2 Organization and participation in events (solemn assemblies, concerts of art activities, issuance of orders of thanks and material incentive), on state holidays “Republic Day”, “Independence Day”, “Constitution Day” Constantly
1.3 Organization and participation in the conference “Kazakhstan patriotism, stability and international consent” According to the plan of educational work
1.4 Participation in the action «My Flag, the Arms, the Hymn» According to the plan of educational work
1.5 Participation in round tables:
– “Kazakhstan is My Motherland”;
– “What is patriotism”;
– “Kazakhstan’s patriotism: state, problems and ways of forming”
According to the plan of educational work
2 Participation in the promotion of the creative heritage of historical personalities, science, culture, sports According to the plan of educational work
3 The organization and participation in carrying out of solemn meetings of the faculty, employees and students, rewarding of competitions winners «the Best department», «the Best chair», «the Best structural division», «the Best supervisor», « Teacher of year» and «the Student of year»; December
4 The organization of meetings with deputies and senators of Parliament of Republic Kazakhstan By agreement
5 Participation in military-patriotic actions: By calendar
5.1 “Taking the oath”;
5.2 Celebration “the Fatherland defender Day”
5.3 Celebration of “Victory Day”;
5.4 Conducting youth military-patriotic game “Zhas Ulan”
6 Organization and participation in various forms of students’ social life Transport and Road Institute: Constantly
6.1 Student’s self-management;
6.2 Cultural and recreational activities (festivals, debates, competitions, round tables);
6.3 Participation in seminars on the organization of educational work among the youth;
6.4 Participation in seminars on formation leader qualities in public life, the industrial environment
7 Organization of students’ participation in youth movements and programs “Akniet”, “ASK”, “Zhasyl El” etc. According to the plan of educational work
8 Participation in meetings with heads of justice, the power structures, traditional clergy concerning prevention of offenses, extremism, the international consent, ethnic and religious tolerance By agreement
9 Carrying out of supervisor hours on book studying «Bases of imageology after the example of First President of RK» According to the plan of supervisor work
10 Participation of students of Transport and Road Institute in the youth organizations and region and Republic actions: «the Alliance of Kazakhstan students», a youth wing of people’s democratic party «Nur Otan», etc. Constantly
11 The organization of  students’ participation, teachers in Games on various sports, relay races: “First-year student”, relay race «Industrial Karaganda», Games «The faculty and employees of university», «Presidential mile», «Superiority of departments» «Presidential specifications», «Superiority among city and area high schools» and «the University game of RK high schools» According to the plan of the Republic, an area, high school, city
12 Organization and participation in activities “Clean City is Clean Planet” September, October, April, May
13 Consideration of problems of educational work at chair meetings Constantly
14 Monitoring the quality of teaching Constantly

Curators of “High Matematica” chair

Shegebaeva G.Е. (ЛОГ-20-2)

Mergembaeva А.Zh. (ТТ-20-2)