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The Department of «Technological equipment, engineering and standardization»


Lecture course with invited PhD Sravanthi Sashikumar

Master class “Healthy family, healthy nation”, “Education and knowledge” in the framework of the program “Rukhani zhagyru”


Internal regulations of KSTU
The plan of educational work for the academic year (semester)
Advisor schedule hours
Duty schedule of the teaching staff in the dormitory 1
Duty schedule of the teaching staff in the dormitory SO
Duty schedule of the teaching staff in the dormitory AO
Duty schedule of the teaching staff in the dormitory MHTC
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Students activists

The educational process provides a close unity of the main trends and factors of education, taking into account the characteristics of each group of students. Teaching staff provide training and education of students in a professional manner, promote respect for national, universal, spiritual – moral values. Observe the rules of ethics teaching.

Ongoing activities are educational in nature, developing in students the spirit of patriotism, unity, love of neighbor, contribute to the spiritual, cultural, educational and physical development of students and create conditions for self-inclusion of students into the community and its full realization.
Teaching staff and students are actively involved in subbotniks in national and local youth organizations, competitions, contests, promotions, sporting events, as well as in events held in the University.
Modern society places new demands on the system of education of the student generation, and together with the traditional educational forms, methods and technologies can not fully ensure the formation of the individual citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
As a consequence, the necessary restructuring of educational work at the University and the principles of harmonization with the educational process. Requires accentuation on the intellectual component of the process of education, the development of socially valuable instincts and abilities of each individual.
The purpose of educational work is the creation, development and adoption of measures aimed at ensuring the social, economic, legal and organizational conditions and guarantees for spiritual, cultural, moral and educational establishment and development of the individual student, as well as the disclosure of her professional, intellectual and creative potential in the public interest.
The department carried out educational activities, providing moral and patriotic education:
– Update the stands with state symbols
– Organization of events (curatorial hours) on public holidays
– Participation in the conference “Kazakhstan’s patriotism, stability and international consent” in the shares, “My Flag, Emblem, Anthem,” in student competitions anthems RK
– Participation in the organization of round tables “Kazakhstan – my Fatherland,” “What is patriotism,” “Philosophers of Kazakhstan”, “Kazakhstan’s patriotism, status, problems and ways of formation”
– Organization of scientific conferences
– Student participation in the National Student Conference “Student and Scientific-Technical Progress”
– Participation in the contest “Best Curator”, “Student of the Year”
– The release of an article in the newspaper “for polytechnic knowledge”
– Carrying out supervisory hours on various subjects according to the approved schedule
– Participation in events marking the Day of the University Open Day KSTU, Student’s Day
– Student participation in youth organizations and activities in the region of the country.
Department “Technology of machine building” together with the youth wing “Jas Otan” National Democratic Party “Nur Otan” held the Cathedral of scientific and practical conference “The role of students in the strengthening and development of Kazakhstan in the present conditions” (in support of the Message of the President of RK NursultanNazarbayev of Kazakhstan “Through Crisis to Renovation and Prosperity”), which addressed the following questions
– The main directions of the crisis
– The main causes of the global economic crisis
– Anti-crisis measures for employment, retraining staff
– The role of law enforcement agencies in the predicted critical crime situation
– An innovative development of Kazakhstan
– Message of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan – a strategic guide the development of society
– The role of students as a good part of society in the implementation of the Message of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan