Educational work

Educational work

Educational work and software engineering chair is based on a model of patriotic education KSTU on the persona of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NA Nazarbayev and the implementation of educational work.

Under this model, the complex of educational activities of the university. Emphasis on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle: a curatorial groups held talks, workshops, demonstrations of the game on the topic:
This house will offer a new mechanism for tobacco control,” participated in an open lecture “against smoking.”

At the Department of 9 academic groups, each of which is secured curator of the number of experienced teachers. Job curator with the group carried on the work plan curator, which is considered at meetings of the chairs of the Board of supervisors and approved by the director of the institute. Implementation of these plans includes thematic supervisory hours to significant dates, the model of patriotic education (from the experience KSTU) and students’ interest topics.

The Institute of Computer Technologies and Systems (ICTSI) organized by the PTA, the interaction with parents organized via e-mail «Zimbra», which improves the joint work of teachers and parents, will help assist students in their studies, work, self-improvement.

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1. Plan of educational work of the Department for the academic year;
2. Activities carried out within the framework of the department and the activities in which the students of the department took part;
3. The planned schedule of supervisory hours of the department;
4. Schedule of supervisory hours;
5. Schedule of workshops;
6. List curators, senior curator;
7. Student activists and sporting pride of the department;