Educational work of the “Building materials and technologies” department

The Department of «Building materials and technologies»


Educational work at the”Building materials and technologies” department  is conducted according to the work plan drawn up on the basis of the patriotic education Model. Practically all faculty members at the department are the curators of the academic groups of the specialty

As follows from the curators ’work plans, the following forms and methods of educational work are practiced: lectures, conversations, curator hours, group meetings, excursions, discussions, participation in scientific conferences, stand competitions, etc. The work of curators is discussed at the department meetings (protocols of department meetings). The main information support of the educational process are the normative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and periodical literature in the library of the university.

Students together with teachers take an active part in all events held at the university and at the faculty (“Health Week”, “Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Independence Day”, New Year holidays, “St. Valentine’s Day”, “International Women’s Day”, “ Nauryz Meiramy “,” Kazakhstan people’s unity holiday”,” Holiday of the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland “,” Victory Day “). In addition to scheduled questions, curatorial hours constantly discuss current academic performance and student attendance, and faculty conferences are held at the end of the sessions.

Students participate in the cleaning of the territory, current maintenance and preparation of the classroom fund for the academic year assigned to the department. Cultural, legal, patriotic, informational support of the educational process and upbringing are reflected in the conduct of the actions “To speak the state language is our civic duty”, “We are against smoking”, in informational reviews held in reading rooms and libraries, in meetings with law enforcement officials , in the month on the prevention of offenses and on the prevention of AIDS, in general university sports days, on special curatorial hours on the theme “On a healthy lifestyle”, “Citizenship”, KVN, the design stands for patriotic education. Students of the specialty are involved in sports, social research activities.

Citywide and regional community work days of the department:

By the “Building materials and technologies” department was held “Links, my dombra” competition (coverage – 35 students).

The purpose of the event: The implementation of the Model of patriotic education, the program “Ruhani Zhangyru”, the study of the article by N. Nazarbayev “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”.

The achieved results: to develop a feeling of  Kazakhstan patriotism, an increase in the number of student winners of creative competitions.

Participants of the competition are doing the work

C-18-2 group’s team is discussing the answer to the question

The leader of the team PSK-16-3 Dautova Catherine

Participants of the competition after the award