Educational work

Department of «Сhemistry and chemical technology»


Educational work at the department is inextricably linked with the educational process, with the aim of creating a full-scale socio-pedagogical environment conducive to the upbringing of a highly moral, spiritually and physically healthy personality.

Meetings with outstanding people in various fields of activity are constantly organized, undoubtedly, undergraduate and graduate students take an active part in the public life of the department.

The educational process ensures a close unity of the main directions and factors of education, taking into account the characteristics of each group of students. The teaching staff of the department conducts training and education of students at a high professional level, instill respect for national, spiritual and moral values. Observe the norms of pedagogical ethics.

Educational work at the department is organized in the following areas:

education of Kazakhstani patriotism and active citizenship;

education of political and legal culture;

protection and continuation of historical and cultural traditions of the peoples living on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

formation of a versatile, educated and highly cultured personality, disclosure of creative, organizational and other talents and abilities of students;

development of mass sports, formation of a positive attitude to a healthy lifestyle, prevention of HIV-AIDS, drug addiction, etc.

Legal education is one of the types of areas of educational work, which includes the following types of activities:

familiarization of students (within the framework of curatorial hours) with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, the Charter of the University, the rights and obligations of students, the Code of Honor of the student and the teacher and the internal regulations;

organization of work on the prevention and prevention of offenses (within the framework of curatorial hours), namely, thematic conversations and lectures, round tables, debates, etc.;

monthly issue of a legal newsletter.

Issues of educational work are considered at the meetings of the department.

The head of the Department of  Chemistry technology is Takibayeva A.T., curatorial hours are visited weekly, the results of visits are discussed at the faculty council and department meetings.

For each group, a “curator’s portfolio” has been created at the Department of CIHT, in which all materials on the corresponding group are stored.

On a monthly basis, the curators of the department submit reports on student progress and attendance.

Much attention is paid to cultural leisure and aesthetic education of students. Students take an active part in various events of the university and the department, in sports competitions, conferences, festivals, participate in the work of KDM circles.

Within the framework of the trade union organization “Zhas Orda” there is a debate club, a student theater, a charity organization “Akniet”, KVN, “Zhasyl El”.

Undergraduate students take an active part in the solemn event “Dedication to students”.

Curatorial hours are held at the department within the framework of the program “Rukhani Zhangyru” initiated by Elbasy is focused on the revival of spiritual values of Kazakhstanis, taking into account all modern risks and challenges of globalization. Being a large-scale project at the national level, it emphasizes the importance of modernizing public consciousness, developing competitiveness, pragmatism, preserving national identity, popularizing the cult of knowledge and openness of citizens’ consciousness. These qualities should become the main guidelines of a modern Kazakhstan.