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Interactive platform in social networks on the topic “Abai and Pushkin – two geniuses of two peoples”


This event is held within the framework of the implementation of the “Ruhani Zagyru” Program of the basic project “Kitapil – Bilagy”. The dialogue platform will be held in social networks from November 22 to December 6, 2018 in conjunction with the ISPU – Ivanovo State Energy University (Russia). All students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers of KSTU are invited to participate.

Link to participate:

Objectives of the event:

– instilling and strengthening interest in the study of the Russian language;

– formation of skills of culture of conducting dialogues;

– strengthening national unity and patriotism;

– formation of a sense of understanding and respect for other cultures;

– instilling interest in reading;

– expanding the horizons of students.

Abai and Pushkin are two geniuses of two nations, light poets, our glory, pride, and unsurpassed achievement of Kazakh and Russian culture. Their poems are hymns of high citizenship, “the union of magical sounds, feelings and thoughts.” For them, “poetry is the ruler of the language.”

They have a lot in common, despite the fact that they lived and worked at different times. Two humanists, whose hearts are imbued with love for their people, the dream of their enlightenment and freedom.

Abay and Pushkin are deeply original and national. In their works, the real ones are vividly drawn, from Pushkin – originally Russian, from Abay – original Kazakh pictures of the life of the people. “My incorruptible voice was an echo of the Russian people,” wrote Pushkin. The themes, plots, images of their works were and remain consonant with the soul of each person. The boundless expanses of the steppes, the life and life of the Kazakh aul, summer nomads, preparation for winter, falconry. But both Pushkin and Abai are deeply alien to national limitations. “… Often he spoke of the times to come. When nations, having quarreled after forgetting, will join the great family, ”these words of A.S. Pushkin are consonant with the thoughts of Abai that“ A person who has studied the culture and language of another people becomes equal with him … This is the key to life.



October 31, 2018, an inter-faculty competition was held among first-year students with the official language of instruction for the best presentation of their future specialty. The competition was organized and conducted by the department of the Russian language and culture in the framework of the implementation of the program “Ruhani zhangyru” of the “Turbiye zhane bіlіm” program of the basic direction “Sanaly Azamat” The event was actively attended by students of all faculties of KSTU and 11th grade pupils of school No. 58. The total number of all participants was 49 people.
All participants very responsibly approached this competition and were able to demonstrate good knowledge of their future specialty, despite the fact that they have been studying at the university for only 2 months. Many showed ingenuity and creativity, accompanying the slides not only with their oral performances and refinements, but also with small videos made by themselves, as well as interesting poems, statements of great people. In assessing the presentation, the jury took into account not only the quality and content of the slides themselves, but also the correct presentation and the ability to comment on them interestingly.
After much discussion, the jury revealed the following winners:
The 1st place was decided to award immediately to 4 groups participating in the competition, namely:
The Council of Madi and Zhamukhametov Adilkhan – group MB-18-1;
Huandyk Kuralai, Turlybekova Meruert, Yakupova Gulnara – PS-18-2 group;
Eralieva Laura, Azilkhanova Ayangul – group Ki-18-1;
Sirajden Dinmukhamed, Karbay Dias – group BT-18-2.
The 2nd place was awarded to the following students:
Shokenova Gulim, Tokisheva Madina – group BT-18-2;
Dautuli Ismail, Bekishev Kamila – group BDZH-18-1;
Davydova Irina – group BT-18-1.
3rd place received:
Baymukhan Akzhol, Kazyna Bakdaulet – BZhD-18-1 group;
Sauletov Alibek, Karbay Dias – group BT-18-2;
Kaparov Dauren – a group of ND-18-2.
It is important to note that the participants of the competition proved that the choice of the university and the faculty was not accidental for them. I am also pleased with the fact that the prestige of engineering and technical specialties is very high in our country, which undoubtedly should lead Kazakhstan to the leading positions in the economy in the future.



“Patriotism is an obsolete value or
current trend? ”
The competition was held on 10/25/18.

• fostering a sense of patriotism, love for one’s Motherland, respect for one’s people;
• development of moral values ​​and social activity of students;
• the formation of moral qualities in accordance with universal values;
• development of oral monologue ;.
• consolidating in practice the rules of oral speech to the audience.

Responsible teachers for the organization and conduct of: Kasenova N.A. and Aldynazarova R.M. The following presentations were presented:
1) Aidana Sadykova – “My Homeland is Karaganda”. The speech is accompanied by a bright thematic presentation on the history and development of the city, its attractions, prominent figures of the region. At the end of the performance, Sadykova Aidana conducted a test in the form of a game.
2) Saydakhmetova Ainash – “Shymkent is my love”. The student spoke about the love of her native city, using in her speech using slide material and photos.
3) Serikbayev Adilbek – “My Temirtau”. The student demonstrated knowledge of historical and cultural information about his hometown, spoke about important events that took place throughout the entire period, starting from the birth and ending with modern days. In his speech, Serikbayev Adilbek relied on video and photographic materials.
4) Anargul Tagaeva – “My Uralsk is my life”. The student told not only about the sights of the city, but also about the majestic beauty of the nature of the native land, using colorful presentation material.
5) Telmankyzy Azhar – “Karkaraly – the birthplace of my childhood.” The student told about the love of her aul, about everyday life of ordinary people living and working in the countryside. The performance was accompanied by a video.
6) Tolegenova Aidana – “My Karaganda”. The student talked about her neighborhood, family and school. The public performance was accompanied by photographs and illustrations from the family archive.
7) Jamshitov Kasym – “Karaganda is the city of my youth”. In his public speech, the student spoke about the educational institutions of the city, the development of industry and culture. In the speech, the student used the presentation material and photos.
8) Alibek Akhmetov – “My homeland is Karaganda”. The student spoke about the bright childhood impressions from his life. Video material was used.





Language palette of Kazakhstan

On September 18, 2018, within the framework of the implementation of the State Program “Ruhani zhanykiru” (subroutine “Rukhani Kazyna”), the RYaYK department organized and conducted the event “Language is the living soul of the people” dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the motto: “A person who studied culture and language of another people, becomes equal to him “.
The event was attended by 1st year students with the state language of instruction of different faculties. The concert program included verses, songs in Kazakh (Usen D., Kalykbergenova A.), Russian (Tokanova A., Bekmagambetova A.), English (Kakenova A., Kazbaeva J.), Kirghizian (Bozkenova A.), Chinese languages ​​(Kusyman E.). Students Erakhmet G. (BT-18-3) and Gabbasova A. (BDW-18-2) performed Kazakh and Spanish dances. A student of the BD-18-1 group performed kuy “Aday”. The entire program students Nurlan E., Seydakhmetova A., Kazbaeva Zh. Conducted in three languages. The audience of the program was the students of the 1st course who applauded each number in unison.
The manifestation of interest in the study of languages ​​and the cultural heritage of other nations contributes to the education of student youth patriotism, the strengthening of national unity, respectful and careful attitude to the traditions of the people.












The last call is 2018.
On behalf of KSTU on 25.05.2018. Lecturer of the Chair of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Baymamirov S.А. congratulated the graduates of the school SOSH No. 25 with the end of the school year and school days, handed them promo-sheets with information about KSTU. To the director of school Akisheva GS was given a letter of thanks for active cooperation with the Department of Russian Language and Culture and the University. Also, we expressed our hope to see them later by our students.The event dedicated to the Victory Day in the Second World War – “We are given the memory of you as a reward”.







27.04.2018 in 530 aud. the event “To us the memory of you as a reward is given”, on the eve of the big holiday – May 9 Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War. The students of two groups took part in this event: GPR 17-2 and RET 15-3. The students presented to all those present the presentations about the heroes that lived and live among us. Each of the presentations was prepared very carefully and touchingly presented to the audience. The students proudly represented the current WWII veterans from their entourage. One of the tasks of the kindergarten is the implementation of the moral and patriotic education of children. The purpose of this event is to foster respect for the historical past of its people, love for the Motherland. Students also introduced classmates and guests present with poetry and works about the Great Patriotic War. There were proverbs, poems about exploits, about the Motherland. The activity of the event ended with the conduct of an oral polylogue, which is aimed at forming a desire to be the protector of the Motherland, which was guarded by our ancestors; understanding that courageous deeds are committed from love to the Fatherland and their people, out of a sense of responsibility to them. Responsible: teacher S. Baymymyrov, teacher Galyautdinova A.N.Intellectual game “Art of ancestors – heritage of descendants”







Master class of curator’s hour of the teacher Ivanova SA on the topic: “Basenov T.K. – the founder of the Kazakh architectural school “was held on 18.04.2018. at 15: 05h. in 530 aud.
At the curatorial hour the students presented a film-presentation about T. Basenov, told about his life and his projects. Showed the presentation of his work. They told about his followers and his projects.
Then the employee of the library Astafieva EM, who introduced the students to the books that were written by Basenov.T.K., books about Basenov and his works.
Then curator Ivanova SA. conducted a survey on the topic, fixing the acquired knowledge. The students took an active part in the discussion.
At the end of the curatorial hour, the pro-rector on educational work Alpysbaeva NA spoke, who noted that the students were very well prepared, actively participated throughout the hour.








On March 19, 2013, the Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences held an Intellectual game on the theme “The art of ancestors – the heritage of descendants”. The event was planned within the framework of the program “Ruhani zharyrou” in the direction “Tyrbie zhune bilim”.

In the intellectual game took part 2 teams from the number of students studying under the program “Serpin”. The event was prepared and conducted by the teachers of the department of Tungushbaeva B.K. and A. Tusupbekov.

The event was held with the aim of popularizing the historical and cultural heritage, respecting the history and culture of the Kazakh people and other peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan, strengthening patriotism, repeating and systematizing students’ knowledge of the Russian language, inculcating interest in learning the Russian language, broadening the horizons of students, developing their intellectual activity, erudition and communication skills and the formation of the ability to work in a team.

After the end of the game, the jury summed up and announced the results of the competition. With a margin of just 2 points, the “Miners” team won.

Creative evening “If people are friends, friends are languages.”

15.03.2018. in 530 aud. the creative evening “If people are friends, friends are languages”. The evening was conducted by teachers of the Chair of the Russian Academy of Sciences and students of the ASF, MF, and GF for the purpose of implementing a multilingual education, strengthening interethnic harmony, national unity and patriotism.
The welcoming speech was made by the head of the department, Ospanov B.R. and congratulated all participants of the evening. Honorary guests of the evening were veterans of the department prof. Savchenko TT, Ph.D., Assoc. Shayakhmetova NK, Ph.D., Assoc. Chuikina LA, Ph.D., Assoc. Nurpeisova SK, who supported the youth with a parting word.
The evening brought together students of different specialties and nationalities who united their love of poetry, music, singing, desire and desire to realize themselves in collective creativity.
During the creative evening, the students demonstrated their skills and art in expressive reading, performing songs in Kazakh, Turkish and Afghan languages, representing the dances of different nations of the world, and together with the teachers prepared national Kazakh treats.
The festival started with fascinating dances performed by Zait Akbota (group OP-17-1) and Mukhanbediya Akerke (group MCM-17-1), the leading evenings of Marks Zhanar and Alimov Anuar dipped the audience into the history of the holiday of the Turkic peoples, accompanied by a kyu in the performance of Abrahammanova Mayra (Count ND-17-2)
During the event, a game was held for the knowledge of three languages ​​(Kazakh, Russian and English), in which participants in the evening took an active part.
In the next block with the purpose of demonstrating respect for all the primordial, to the traditions and customs of the ancestors of students gr. ТМО-17-1 the theatrical performance of the ritual “Yoda Tsu” was shown.
To enrich the ideas about the culture and traditions of other nations, students from Afghanistan were invited from the village of S-17-2 who talked about the celebration of Nauryz and about the culture of the Afghan people, performed songs in Turkish and Afghan languages, and also the national Afghan dance.
As our ancestors said, “Batamen zher kgerer”, at the end of the evening the elder gave his blessing.
For the active participation in the creative evening students were awarded diplomas.

Conducting a round table on the topic: “My Fatherland is my destiny”.

02/26/2018 teachers of the Chair of the аfaculty of Russian language and culture Seidakhmetova Z.K. and KishenovaA.Yu.  a round table was held on the topic “My Motherland is my destiny” for the implementation of the Ruhani zhazyru program among the students of the group GD-17-3 and BT-17-2.

The guys took an active part in the discussion of this topic. Particularly distinguished were students such as Muhammediya Samat (GD-17-3), Serikbaev Syrym (GD-17-3), Sadenova Elyonor (BT-17-2), Sharapat Aizhan (BT-17-2), Kumar Akmaral BT-17-2).

Muhammediya Samat, a student of the group GD-17-3, made the following statement: “Every person has a homeland. The homeland, like parents, is not chosen, it is given to us along with birth and absorbed with childhood. For us, the homeland is, above all, the place where we were born, these are my parents and relatives. Motherland is a house and a yard, where we spend a happy childhood, friends, with whom we spend time. But the “small” homeland is inconceivable even without the homeland of the “great” – the great and vast Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan! This word sounds proud. Everyone who has a homeland is happy. We are happy because we were born and live in Kazakhstan. This is the homeland of our ancestors. Kazakhstan is rich in its nature: forests, rivers, lakes. In Kazakhstan there are many beautiful villages, villages, cities and ancient and new. But the most important wealth is in people, hardworking, hospitable, courageous, heroic, creative and responsive.

We really love our Motherland, we want it to become more beautiful and better, so that the Kazakhstanis take care of it, work for the benefit of the Motherland, for the benefit of the community. ”


Regional brain-ring “Kazakhstan people – The nation of United Future” devoted to the Day of Independence of the Republic Казахстан

30 November 2017 in Karaganda state technical university passed Regional brain-ring to topic “Kazakhstan people – The nation of United Future”. Intelligent play represented a competitive play between three students’ commands and trainee, conducted for engagement of graduates of schools to movement of intelligent plays of student youth, expansion of the outlook, check of erudition and participants logic thinking.

To basic tasks of Regional brain-ring it is necessary to attribute : – recess of knowledges of trained of state republic symbols Kazakstan;
– development of cognitive interest and creative abilities, education of reliance in one’s forces, expansion of the outlook in the area of state symbolics; – education of feeling of patriotism and love to one’s Homeland; – education of regardful and careful attitude by historical past and РК traditions. Initiators of intelligent play were acted by the teachers of the faculty of Russian and KSTU’s cultures: Ospanovа B. R, Timokhina Т. V., Kasenova N. А., Kabanova А. B., Tungushbaeva B. К., Aldynazarova R. М.

Participiants of brain-ring were: – the command of students of faculty of law KSU Е. А. Buketov: Akhmetov Alibek, Askarov Ablajkhan, Khe Vladislav, Safarov Sholpanaj, Rakhimov Zhanat, Zhuldyzbek Kasyj, Bekbolatov Ajbarsha. – command of trainee of the grammar school №92: Zhanatov Alikhan, Ismailov Malika, Sultanov Ayazhan, Satybaldy Rauan, Turykbaev Islam, Askhabov Nurajyj, Kapanov Adiya under the direction of the deputy of the principal Khalilina Nazyj Shokitajkyzy;
– Kargtu’s students’ command : Bayanov Dinur, Shangerej Nargiza, Kazbeks Madiyar, Boranbaev Madiyar, Kapenov Sabit, Murat Ajgerim, Ivniya Bayan. Intelligent play consisted of the greeting of commands , four rounds and lighting tournament. Rounds were devoted to the topics of state Kazakstan symbolics. After each round musical pause was conducted. By results of brain-ring prize-winning places were distributed:
I place is trainee schools-grammar schools №92;
II place is KSTU’s students;
III place is students KSU. Е. А. Buketov.
To the brain-ring winners diplomas I, II, III degrees, and all participants of play – letter and letters of thanks were handed.
Conducted event demonstrated not only a different knowledge by trained the histories of the state, state symbolics, but also democratization of young community as a whole, development of language and cogitative skills of trained, deployment of their creative potential and motivation.

Contest of essays among students of the I year

November 20-22, 2017, the Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences organized and conducted an essay contest in Russian among the first year students of groups with the national language as a training language.

The contest was held in three stages: the first stage – qualifying, it was held among all students who expressed a desire to try their hand, followed by the second stage, in which 16 students took part, which became the best among the participants in the 1st stage and the third stage – the awarding of the winners.

The contest participants were offered six topics directly before the competition, and each of them could choose one of them for writing an essay.

Themes of the essay:

  1. The future of the country is ours!
  2. Our unity in difference
  3. The leader of tomorrow
  4. The World Without the Internet
  5. Many languages, one world
  6. What can I do for the prosperity of the country?

As a result of the competition, three winners were identified:

I place – Bekmagambet Gulzinat (group OP-17-1)

II place – Uasheva Assel (group BDZ-17-2)

III place – Kasym Zangar (group BT-17-1)

The finalists were awarded diplomas and gift prints in Russian. All other participants of the competition were awarded letters of thanks for participation.

Execution of Round table “Polycultural education – way to the world and prosperity” with participation of foreign students

В of communication with a new conception of formation accepted by our state, the teachers of the faculty of “Russian and culture” build their pedagogical activity, being oriented, first of all, to education of polycultural person. In connection with that, the topic of Round table organised by the faculty was chosen exactly in this direction.

In work of Round table the students of four groups took part: ГД-17-5, С-17-3, ЭЭ-17-1, ГПР-16-2.

В the beginning of the event with salutatory word before the participants of Round table was acted by the manager by the faculty, reader, Ospanova B.R. Cand.Phil.Sci. After that by the moderator of Round table by the teacher Tungushbaevaya B.К. small introduction was made:

Interethnical and interethnic conflicts only in one, single XX century brought a lot of misfortunes to the mankind. And in our century, in the century of total tolerance, uttermost information freedom and availability of formation paradox intolerance to other cultures and traditions arises.

That is why all over the world today in one or another form polycultural education exists. International community produced his main principle: the person should know his roots and to treat simultaneously Yours faithfully to other cultures.

For the students-Afghans who have not yet had time enough to acquire Russian, teacher Tazhibaeva S.М. made translation to Kazak language.

Further to discussion of the topic of Round table students actively involved.

Discussion was led mainly in Russian, but some participants changed over to native language that to a large extent facilitated understanding to the students from Afghanistan, and some students with this purpose spoke in English. Due to it students-Afghans were able to take an active part in discussion of questions of Round table on three languages: Russian, Kazak and English.

Our students with pleasure took the opportunity closer to get acquainted with students from Afghanistan. Mainly they were interested by following questions: as businesses with polycultural education in their country are, the representatives of which nationalities live on the territory of their state and so forth Foreign students shared impressions in turn of us, of Kazakstan, about study in our university etc.

September 21 2017 in the “Zhastar Алемi” the faculty of Russian language and culture together with the faculty of Foreign languages was carried out event “The day of languages – the symbol of friendship and unity of all citizens of Kazakstan”, purpose of which became inculcation of interest to knowledge of state, Russian and foreign languages, education of patriotism through studying of cultural heritage of the people.
Politics of our state is directed to strengthening of Kazakstan peoples equality, apart from their ethnical accessory. The principles of state language politics are determined in RК Constitution, in the laws of the RК “About formation ” and “Of languages in the RК”.
Language politics in Kazakstan is directed to development of cultural heritage of all ethnic groups living on hospitable Kazak Earth. In communication , with what by the Decree of President of the RK