Educational process

Surveying and topography department

Technical equipment

 The department is equipped with unique geodetic equipment: tacheometers and levels, global satellite positionning systems, electronic 3D-scanner, laser measurers, geotomograph, stereo add-on device and modern GeoInformation Systems: MICROMINE, GEMCOM, CREDO which allows rise the teching process to a new level.

 Reinforcement of learning in practice

 An important element in student learning is the passing of geodetic, and special field trips.

Training base of the surveying practice is the geological and geodesic polygon in SOL “Polytechnic” (city Karkaralinsk). After the end of the practice exams and students are awarded the qualification “Workman of surveying service”. Annually more than 100 students take part in this practice.

Base of the industrial practices are large surveying and Mining companies: JSC “Karaganda GIIZ and K *”, JSC “Azimut”, BPH “Karaganda NPTszem”, Urban land registry, RSE “Tsentrmarksheyderiya”, LLP “Kazakhmys”, UD JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” JSC, “SSGPO.”

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Сurriculum Teaching Materials Schedule
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Academic Calendar for 2017-2018 Academic year Open classes schedule(will be published later in spring semester) Material base for training
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Consultation schedule (FCDT) Exam Shedule(will be published later)  Students’ academic mobility